You are welcome man, it flatters that someone still cares about this build.

So yea I thought about honouring it enough to not let it die like I planned.

There is something that can done. I removed all abyss jewels and replaced them with just 1 critty crimson jewel.


We got all those nice new crit wheels and precision aura so why not just go crit? Sadly PoB does not have the Precision aura yet, its a huge dps boost and is easier to use than a Banner for a MoM build due to only reserving ridiculous 180 flat mana. Considering that we gonna end up having a 3000+ mana pool thats not even 10%.

But yea this build needs to deal double the damage that it did before due to rare mob hp buffs etc.

We can do that with crit and without needing abyss jewels. Also with crit we gonna freeze and splatter all the mobs which is super good for delving deep.

After all it has a chance to still be a thing or at least as good as it was before.

Hmm ... should I play it again? Yea fuck it I play it once more to see if I can mess with the phys cyclone boys x)

Sorry about me changing my mind all the time but there is so much interesting stuff to be tried out its so overwhelming and so hard to decide.

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OK ancestral call crashes the game, I play EQ impossible to play smite here.
So me without reading into the depths of the post have gone decently deep into the abyss jewel route only to realize that they've been nerfed. I'm curious is the build you were proposing above utilizing the phys conversion, or were you going to hope for some nasty ele dmg on your weapon/jewelry? Thank you in advance. And then curious what you might change up about your link choices if you went all in on phys/crit.
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Ripped my pure phys EQ shit 2 or 3 days ago due to monolith game crash, back to the roots.

Yea this guide is outdated its a mess but right now I need to push da ladder in order to prove that the build is still gud just with using the new berserker stuff and going crit instead of abyss jewel spam. Just got shaped toxic sewers on the atlas, works well for now.

Went crit, using the flat ele damage from Smite, added cold and added lightning. Planning on doing pale council for a nice weapon but getting the keys is such a pain in the ass.

Character is Hyena_once_more.

Damage is good eventhough the gear is garbage, 7800 ehp is ok for now, I dont take 10% inc damage, got fortify on the main damage setup. Still no 6 link though, once I have a 6link I should get to 9k-9500 hp. Since the removed inspiration from the mom nodes getting mana from the skilltree is such a shit. Thanks to brinkmanshipe I can hit the whole screen at once, that melee patch really made things better.

Goal for the gear is an amulet with 30% crit multi and gloves with life mana and attack speed. I dont need spelldodge I think cause this isnt flashback.
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