<3 @the_human_tornado

cant wait for the patch tbh. we will still have amazing MoM synergy with Warbringer, plus easier crit with flawless

i think flawless - aspect - warbringer - first rage node will be the staple for 99% of builds. the benefits are too strong compared to the degen or doing math for blitz

cant wait to follow your next push, as well as theory crafting!

the new era of melee meta is upon us!
yup <3

My plan currently is to go Warbringer - Flawless - 2x Rage.

5% degen for 150% inc attack damage and 75% inc attack speed is a pretty good trade. We were playing with 5% degen all the time and it was easily manageable, while 10% increased damage taken works against the ehp stacking so I think I rather take the degen.

Only bad thing about rage is that it now takes a while to build up and its harder to maintain it, needing 10 sec for 30 rage at best is shit for bossfights but good for clearing. But I only care about clearing so I can take it.

And the new Warbringer with 10% inc attack speed and 30% inc attack damage is nice kickstarter to compensate the sloppy Rage building

Blitz also isn't very compelling to me it goes from 100 to 0 in just 5 secs and needs crit investment. 40% more attack speed is good for memes for sure but dps wise its much better to get some real crit thing going.

And with all that increased damage and attack speed from Rage, Minor nodes, Gear, Gem quality, a player doesnt need to give a shit about skilling inc damage or attack speed anymore but just walk the tree for life, mana, some phys mitigation and resistances, instant warcries and Crit.

Wtf 75% increased attack speed from Rage, then 10% from Warbringer, the 12% from the minor nodes. 97% increased attack speed just from that stuff. Then comes the stuff that everyone skill all the time like Art of the Gladiator, 12% inc attack speed, Born to fight 5%. Same for increased damage. 150% from rage, 50% from minor nodes, 30% from Warbringer, 50% from gem quality, 50% from strength, 50-200% from rallying cry, then born to fight and master of the arena and all this shit.

Yea literally dont even need to skill a single inc damage/attack speed wheel lol. Lets go crit boiis

And I just remembered that they gonna introduce battle staves :DDD

All those staff crit wheels in close proximity of Disemboweling, the natural problem of going staves, attack speed, is more than solved by playing Berserker. That might be also interesting.
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yup <3
Only bad thing about rage is that it now takes a while to build up and its harder to maintain it, needing 10 sec for 30 rage at best is shit for bossfights but good for clearing. But I only care about clearing so I can take it.

I'm afraid you are too optimistic. Gaining 30 rage takes 10s only if your attack time is exactly 0.3001s. If your attack takes 0.25s you need 2 attacks to gain another rage:
0 time
0.25s 1. attack, 1 rage
0.50s 2. attack, no rage (because it's only 0.25s since gaining rage)
0.75s 3. attack, 2 rage (you can gain rage, >0.3s condition fullfiled)
1.00s 4. attack, no rage . . .

Let's say you have 8aps, so 0.125s each, which mean you can gain rage on every 3rd attack, every 0.375s, so from 0-50 rage takes 18,75s. And on top of that, if you are hitting faster, for examply every 0.099s it takes even more time :-) 0.099s x 4 = 0.396s, 0.396s x 50 = 19.8s.

So basically, getting 50 rage takes <20s CONSTANT ATTACKING - which reveals another problem. What if you one-shot mobs and you are attacking them for only 0.5s? The answer is you get only 2 rages from such pack. Which is worse then before, before 10 mobs dead = 10 rage, now 10 mobs dead = 2 rage and no rage on warcies.

I think gaining rage was optimised for new skills. For some shitty harpoon spear.
10:31 https://youtu.be/KTr5iBSsdbw?t=632
Just realized that the Berserker in this video didnt use totems but at least he has abyssal cry JESUS CHRIST what are they doing...

Well you are probably right but its still going to be first thing I try out, with triple rage I dont need to wait till 50 rage until the party starts, 20 rage is already doing a lot.

And I GUESS there will be more stuff for rage than this clockwerk hook for rage generation. They want to make Rage a thing for all attack based classes so I think there MUST be other options for generating rage or else this game turns into a hook circus.

I hope they moved another possibility for rage generation to all warcries so that warcries intrinisically generate rage for all classes, with zerker having another advantage due to warbringer. Would make sense so finally more people would play warcries. If I would have a word in the balancing, I would say that warcries should be as big as curses or at least close to it. Everyone uses curses but only 3% of players use warcries. Rage generation could be a gamechanger for this mechanic.

Yes, look at this my man:


5 Rage gained exactly at the second when using enduring cry, what a coincidence.

Another possibility for improved rage generation could be that they moved the rage generation of warcries to the warcry nodes or made a Rage wheel somewhere between marauder and duellist.
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could even be new support (rage on use/rage on skill)

since they are adding rage to all classes and serker has buffed rage

very excited for manifesto and patch notes! less than 48 hours!
Reddit downvoting my thread about that ziggyd video and warcry rage generation in 3.7 like mad and saying its the chain hook lel, thats how I know reddit :^)

Yea cant wait for the patch notes and the skill tree. Got some good vibes about it.
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I will do it, but need some time to get a grip on all this new stuff.

No rage generation from warcries anymore, sheeeeeeeeeit.

Also GGG did not add spell block to duellist/marauder/ranger tree, they did not fix the unfair diagonals (from lifewheel to the outer ring it needs 6 attribute passives if you go between templar and marauder but 7 if you take the diagonal between duellist and marauder) on the skill tree, res techniques and unwavering stance unchanged sigh ...

Brb checking all new nodes.

2 things I am pretty sure about:

1. I would take Brinkmanship. It has damage, reduced area damage taken, weapon range and damage and aoe. Wonderful wheel.
2. I would not walk to the outer rings via Strong arm. Either just spend 3 points in this garbage wheel to get the major node or skip it at all, the major node isnt that good, it can be completely skipped even as a phys build. Or just skill it for levelling and later unskill for better 3 node wheels like I always do.

I would rather get solidity, that got buffed a lot and needs 1 skillpoint less to get out than strong arm.

And yea one of my main questions is if MoM is still the way to go or blood magic all this fortify stuff etc. Or why dont we just go Fortify AND MoM lel. Rampart is a pretty solid damage wheel. Bloodletting also has "5% reduced damage taken from bleeding enemies", thats literally another fortify wheel. Thats crazy, 35% reduced damage taken from hits, 40% if its an area damage hit :DDDD we jugger nao.

That will take a while till I figure out that stuff.

Why did they move the fending wheel to where the Battle Cry wheel was Rory is such a master troll.

OK man, any idea if you want impale/crit or a high bleed chance for double strike?

Your skilltree also has a problem with mana leech for MoM, the 0.2% from rings wont do it against solo target I think. So its either painreaver, get mana leech from duellist or dont go MoM.

I guess the old MoM berserker that I explained in this guide is outdated fo real, 9k hp and 35% reduced damage taken with blood magic and having a free aura is MUCH better than that.
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This new skilltree is such a "dude just skill everything" affair its hilarious.

Thats how I would go for sword crit.


Lacks life regen, who cares, Bloodgrip amulet and pristine crafting will fix that.
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Looks interesting. Will you update your pob with items/skills? What your thoughts about the double strike?

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