i would love to see you update the guide for infernal blow berserker, what would be the BiS for the build you are trying to do? is it also viable for single target?
How did you handle single target with inferal blow? Feels really unsatisfiying to fight Rares and Bosses. HeinzHartmann is my char. Tried out some stuff like amulet and the belt. Going for Lavaleash atm.
Just realized that the lava lash penetration does not affect the corpse explosions because its for any reason "damage with weapons" instead of "elemental damage with attacks" but the "increased fire damage with attack skills" does. But yea I still think lava lash is worth it after all.

Single target was fine but nothing special. One annoying thing is that its so hard to see if ancestral call hits twice or not. If its hit twice its OK, if not its bad.

The 1 BiS item I that I never got eventhough I absolutely needed it was an Essence Worm ring. Essence Worm + Anger would have helped a lot to get the 400-500 flat fire damage so I dont need any support gems for flat ele damage and can use more damage gems in all slots for scaling both the hit damage and the explosions.

Dyadus would help a lot in this build with the flat fire and ignite chance it creates another problem with its slowness.

Its really not all that easy to make this work while maintaining the MoM ehp stuff and without needing certain uniques that might not drop.

The problem with your char HeinzHartmann is flat damage. As far as I see the char like a 150 flat fire damage from ichimoji phys conversion and the ring.

If you would use an Immolate gem that gives on level 20 250 flat damage, like I did, then you would do (150+250)/150 = 2.666 => 166% MORE DAMAGE. But get that gem some levels before you judge about it, a lvl 1 immolate just gives 50 flat damage, a lvl 20 5 times that amount. Levels are crucial for flat damage gems.

So if you want to fix your attack hit damage replace Elemental damage with attacks with Immolate, get essence worm with anger, abyss jewels with flat damage. As soon as you got 450~ish flat damage without immolate can you can replace Immolate with Elemental Damage with attacks to also scale the explosions.
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Witch shield nodes: Spell block and increased SPELL DAMAGE

Marauder/Duellist/Ranger shield nodes: attack block and increased ATTACK DAMAGE PHYSICAL ATTACK DAMAGE.

This skilltree makes even a laughing hyena cry. Block is such a huge bitch for all non gladiators its unbelievable.

Another approach would be doing the good old times like Hyena_Giggle with acrobatics, just with better phys mitigation, combatting the 50% less Armour with Combat Stamina and Soul of Steel. Simply getting the flat damage solely from abyss jewels, stacking all kind of flat elemental damage cause fire only is too difficult so we dont need a support gem to get the magic 400-500 flat damage.

The bad thing about it though is that the corpse explosions will have no fire penetration anymore unless we get the abyss breast armour and yea needing to roll 5 good abyss jewels. But thats more doable than getting an essence worm dropped lel.


Nah I really want to make the Dyadus work at whatever cost, if it must be even with an attack speed helmet like Devotos or Starkonja.

A perfect Dyadus with Avatar of Fire allocated gives (330+285)/2 + (61.2+102)/2 = 389.1 flat fire damage and gives the 25% extra ignite for not needing to go balls deep into witch. Thats like all I ever asked for in this infernal blow build, IT MUST WORK.

But yea strange enough, even with the huge flat from a Dyadus an Immolate support gem is still (390+250)/390 = 1.64 => 64% more damage aka an unbeatable choice.

So 400 flat fire is not enough to replace immolate safely with a 50% more damage gem, 500 would be the minimum cause (500+250)/500 = 1.5.

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since the builds now depends on many unique items how are you gonna be able to cap your resists?
I aint gonna use all uniques at once.

For example with Dyadus, I plan to use Lioneyes shield, Atziri boots and Devotos.

Without Dyadus, I would need an essence worm but not need Devotos.

I think I gonna have enough rares to cap the resistances without abnormal gear. Also with the current dyadus tree that does not go ranger dodge I get 22% all res from skilltree and 20% chaos res. If it doesnt work then I just replace one unique and wait for good jewellry.

Doesnt seem like a big deal to me.

Waiting for 3.7, everything will change.

I will play infernal blowjob again thats fo sure.
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Which of your characters was the strongest? In terms of clearing maps. Ground Slam, Smite, Double Strike, Infernal Blow?
Infernal blow. If you manage to skip the tough bitch mobs all the time and just blow up screen by screen consequently there is barely a better a skill for clear.

But I think Sunder is still the god of clear even without gear. My latest char that died with 90 a few hours ago, TheLast_flashbackhyena had a stable 250-300 mio xp/h with vendor recipe weapons and pure phys dual wield Sunder with herald of purity, warbanner and blasphemy vulnerability from lvl 72 till 87. Its so absurd there is no skill coming close it I think.
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OK forget everything I said in this thread lol, this is a new era. Ele flat scaling will be nerfed, phys scaling and phys conversion will be buffed. Rage is good now. Everything will be different.

Probably playing something with phys, corpse explosion wont be a deal in the legion content anyway. Need the new skilltee to really have a plan though.

Yea this build is done, there is no way anyone or I should play something similar in 3.7. thanks for your interest and all guys :) Was a lot of fun for me to play this in the darkest hour that Berserker ever had. And get rank 10 SSF HC Synthesis with it lel.

Lets all faithfully remember the 0.1% times, where players literally got -20 on reddit just for saying that they play Berserker.
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