Balance in Path of Exile: Synthesis

Sure are a lot more nerfs in here for a manifesto that Chris said had "only buffs".
(2-3-2019) Buff underused skills + selfcast, stop nerfing defense, build in threshold jewels, implement D3-style looting, add death log + MTX preview, actually rework flasks, stop balancing around the .01%, unnerf Harvest, ADD NEW WAYS TO LEVEL, finally implement Loot 2.0
Not a single mention of minions. Still waiting on mods for most item slots.
Nice about curses, but sad for leech :(

There are plenty of other changes on our hit list for the future. Attacks need the same level of attention (if not more) that spells are getting in 3.6.0, as well as changes to Abyss Jewels and Physical Weapon Damage, but we'll be spacing these changes over 3.7.0 and beyond to make sure they get the time and attention they deserve.

In 3.7, GGG will finally just get it over with, gut physical damage to the point that there is no reason to use it at all. THe physical damage bonus as other Elements will be trashed, and everyone will just play elemental builds, because.... That's how the past couple of patches have gone.

I mistakenly put a ton of effort into using Physical Damage coupled with "phys as extra x damage" as an SST build, and it's fun, and fine, until you hit T9/10 maps. Which means, if I can get a "Home grown" build to T9/T10, it's obviously too good.
Ive played handcasting with very good results last two leagues. It happens to me quite often that you buff the builds Ive just finished. But perhaps thats the problem of me avoiding the "meta" builds :)
IGN: Eric_Lindros
CET: Timezone
Occultist league

Slayer/Scion Slayer Sledgehammered

rest looks ok if a bit weird in places in terms of direction.
Its fun to be part of this russian roulette of build nerfs. Mine seems to be fine still. Thank god :O
Winter Orb base nerf but channel skills love means I'm still coming out on top.

Love you GGG, I'll even try to make a CI WOrb character too. :3
Rhaegar_G wrote:
Best manifesto in living memory.

Agreed. I'll be interested to see what the trolls find to complain about.

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