Balance in Path of Exile: Synthesis

As usually GGG just nerfing everything and says - NO, meta builds must die, no one must kill bosses under 5 sec! (or in 1 shot)

And then they allow to do these challenges like this - Kill Vessels of Vaal in alluring abyss under 5 secs. Such a cruel trolling. I feel lie surrounding me.

Gauss_Death wrote:
GGG: If you are going to keep redoing the atlas please change how you allow maps to be stored on the map tab. It is kinda ridiculous that every 3 months you make map management a royal PITA.

I was going to try to clean up my stash tabs in regular season till I hit this wall.

There's no practical way if you have hundreds of maps to keep moving them in and out per season.

What would be nice is if we could just use one tab in regular for all those maps. I don't see why not if it already offers the ability to switch the the series it wasn't just done properly.

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