Malevolence, Zealotry and Aura Changes

HYPU! !! ! ! !
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PS4 beta? 02/2019???
... If that hatred rebalance works the way it sounds like it will, it'll be even stronger for Glacial Cascade than it was before.
"and a small bonus to skill effect duration"

does this work with srs?
nerfing hatred for melee too? why you hate melee GGG? why?
You've got to be fucking kidding me, you're even nerfing Hatred for melee. How out of touch are you GGG?
looks good
Max blocks Tanky dualist 34-40k dps thread/1028992
Almost max blocks Tanky witch 40k dps physic or element build thread/1071884
PLS Not touch hatred !!!- Just rework it and put as another new aura gem with changed name...
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No Pain No Gain!!!
Nobody expects the templar inquisition.
Carry on my waypoint son, there'll be peace when maps are done.
Lay your portal gem to rest, don't you die no more.

'Cause it's a bitter sweet symphony this league.
Try to make maps meet, you're a slave to the meta, then you leave.

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