Malevolence, Zealotry and Aura Changes


Poi what ? A new spell ?
"We're also making some adjustments to Anger and Hatred. "

meanwhile vitality and a few others...

self found league fan

so you're nerfing phys melee builds to prevent casters from being even more overpowered? are we going to see any kind of bonus for melee phys builds to compensate for the lack of phys as extra cold nerfs or are we just straight nerfing something that's already very weak?

like i dont get it. how long does phys melee have to be the worst archetype in the game for you guys to realize you need to stop nerfing it. i really dont understand...

Also, 2h buffs when? it's been 2 years since they were good.
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Atlantis_arch wrote:
holy themed aura
arcane themed aura
alright. next will be "WTFBBQ themed aura" I guess ?

Seriously, stop speaking nonsense.

"holy" = white particle effect with an innocence symbol circling your dude's head
"arcane" = blue purple or lavender particle effect with some sort of cabalist cootie catcher symbol circling your dude's head
"wtfbbq" = orange particle effect with little question marks circling your dude's head

"Sin themed aura" = you ride up into a pack of monsters in a black '74 Mercury Cougar drop top with two skanks in the front seat and a Bad Livers song squalling out of your hifi...smoking a massive blunt and saying 'Get in, loser, we're gonna go mapping!'
"How do you lure the Elder to the centre of the Atlas?"
"A box trap with some candy should do the trick"

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