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Winners of the Hideout Competition

Very nice hideouts, awesome job to everyone.
Now if I could only get my Alva leveled up...
I like what I see here and congrats to all the winners. What makes me sad is I will never have the time to do something half as I impressive...that's not meant as an insult to those that took their time to do this, and I'm not whining... just jealous :)
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More info about the ps4 plz!
guggelhupf wrote:
im sure im the first who say this. i dont think derrok deserves the top 3 with his dragons nest. its just because he is so popular and they know the community WANT him see in the top 3 no matter if his hideout is good or not compared to others. the moment he posted his hideout in reddit and it got upvoted to onblivion the decision was made no matter which hideout came after his. thats a thing which makes me a bit sad about this contest. (dont get me worng. his other hideouts are way better. but this is just "meh" compared to many other hideouts in this contest).

me and derrok are still good buddys if someone wonders if we are mad with each other

and to GGG: i hope you learn from this contest. making decorations cheaper or give us more favour. This contest was most for all the old playeres who played alot league before. there are many new players who are very sad because they had no chance for a winning because they would never get such huge amounts of favor (this includes, that they cant know how the objectives look like and need to buy them just in case to see if they are "worth")

here is a good link which explains the problem with favor

Just because you don't care for his submission and BELIEVE people agree with you doesn't make it fact.

I'm not even surprised he won, since watching submission videos I kept thinking "doesn't beat DerroK yet." Only a few were even in his ballpark.
I hope that when the world comes to an end I can breathe a sigh of relief; because there will be so much to look forward to.
I'm in love with that Dragons Nest Hideout. Wow! The Observatory is beautiful too. Well done all, you can really see the effort put in to these!
The top three, but especially the two last ones in the video have such clerver use of lighting. Amazing work and grats to the winners! Pog !
im speechless

thats some awesome stuff. Congratz everyone!!

personally i liked all
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Are there any exports from the competition that we can import into our own hideouts?
Got to say, I'm not easily impressed.
But damn me, I'm impressed!
p2w confirmed - as some winners decked out their work in decorations only available via purchase (like Ice Gale) ;)

But otherwise nice job. It would be nice if we could control the camera like that.
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