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Winners of the Hideout Competition

Congrats to the winners. Beautiful creations!
[quote="Michael_GGG"]However because we're reasonable people we decided against extending RNG into account bans.[/quote]
Bird lover of Wraeclast
waste if GGG can't put this into game as new area or replace old area with this new design from competition winner.
Very nice hideouts !!

Hope there'll be more hideout competition soon :)
qqwwqwqq wrote:
What other things did you notice?

Don't remember the submission's name but annoter guy used the blue chest circle from derrok ( minor compare to headhunter)

qqwwqwqq wrote:

I imagine GGG wants to be 100% sure, if they disqualify anybody. Accidental similarity can happen with this volume of entries.

Yes… but whith headhunter there is no doubt, not only the main structure of the headhunter is copy pasted, but even the ground is as you can see in my first post. Anyway don't even know if they read this and know there is a problem… time will tell.
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Competition P2W ... only has chances who purchase items of decoration .... but independent of this, congratulations to the winners, and to all who participated ...
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I would like to leave my deep discontent here. I expected much more from this contest, when I read about electing people who spend money and people who do not spend, I imagined that it was just looking at more recent players.

Not only by me! But I imagine that other people, like me, spent hours and hours or even days (like me) riding a hidehout thinking we'd have a chance. But the elect are just old players with access to items I can neither dream of having once I started playing in this league. I wish this had at least been warned us not to waste time trying to enter the contest. I'm really annoyed, and the worst of it is that the resolution was simple .. Instead of electing the 5, 10 and 30 could be in Ancient, Middle and New Players. It would be simple but unfortunately it seems that it was not ... Congratulations to the winners, apparently and unfortunately the new ones did not have a chance.

Note: You could also have released a large amount of items and hidehouts and withdraw after the contest or also create categories by the amount of points used in each hidehout.


Gostaria de deixar aqui meu profundo descontentamento. Esperava bem mais deste concurso, quando lí sobre eleger pessoas que gastam dinheiro e pessoas que não gastam imaginei que fosse justamente também olhar para jogadores mais recentes.

Não somente por mim! Mas imagino que outras pessoas, assim como eu, passaram horas e horas ou até mesmo dias (como eu) montando um hidehout pensando que teríamos chance. Mas os eleitos são apenas jogadores antigos com acesso a itens dos quais nem posso sonhar em ter uma vez que comecei a jogar nesta liga. Gostaria que isso tivesse ao menos sido avisado para que não perdêssemos tempo tentando participar do concurso. Estou bem chateado, e o pior é que a resolução era simples.. Ao invés de eleger os 5, 10 e 30 poderia ser em Jogadores Antigos, Médios e Novos. Seria simples mas infelizmente parece que não foi... Parabéns aos ganhadores, aparentemente e infelizmente os novos não tiveram chance.

Observação: Vocês também poderiam ter liberado uma grande quantidade de itens e hidehouts e retirar após o concurso ou também criar categorias por quantidade de pontos usados em cada hidehout.
Last edited by bpandarium on Feb 9, 2019, 10:06:01 PM
The Observatory is the true masterpiece here - using light decorations to mimic the stars and space is just pure genius! Kudos!
guggelhupf wrote:
Shaboom wrote:
It's unbelievable that they aren't using the hideout save/share system for this.

thats what i was thinking the whole time ...

This times 1000000.

It's insulting they'd promote hideouts with no exports. What the actual fuck?
Well they finally drove me off. Inf delve showed me how good the game could be without make work and chores. No going back. Then cheating me out of my MTX draw was the final straw.
hideout save and shares... That should be up to the creator of the hideout and not GGG or the contest. To me that is their digital creation and if they do not want anyone just getting it without any compensation then I am 100% in agreement.

And maybe I am just being annoyed lately but seriously P2W complaints about pure cosmetic MTX's. Yes the paid stuff is unique. yes it sometimes looks better. No you don't get it all for free because you get this amazing game with all these levels, a hideout of your own and an equal level of power as anyone else. Want to look a certain way... buy it. the damn game was free for how may years now. Reward a developer with some appreciation. If Chris showed up at your house and wanted to drink a few beers would you treat him to a few or ask him to go the store and buy you a case and then you will let him have some.

Yes, there are several badges over there by my name. Surprise I never win at this game. But I have fun and I like that the game is free. Yet I have spent, I don't know maybe a thousand dollars? I don't really care except that it is not P2W. That money is Pay so a nonpayer can play. That is right. I have "bought" Path of Exiles (at a value of say 30.00) for 30 other people so they can play. The only reason we have a game is some people buy transactions.... TBH I am amazed the system works well enough that this game can keep growing year after year with not a single mandatory cent charged to any player ever.

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