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Oh! You come back!
ZeroTwo465#4283 - дискорд тупа. Мнение?
Oh! You come back!

Kinda sorta! :)

Whats wrong with my build?
LvL 93 Ascendent, Doomherald

I invested many Chaos in new Gems and Rings etc...i do NOT do enough DMG , that is at least my Feeling.
Cant even think about defeating Catarina.

Is it worth it to spend more Time and Curr in this Build or should i close my Eyes, sell the old Stuff (all that Abyss Stuff) and make a new Build?

I like the playstyle and the speed and my Scion :)
but this old Build causes me pain...

i would like to hear honest opinions.

Thank you

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Can you add a 3.10 update saying if this build is still viable as a leauge starter or not? like whats changed nerf or buff ect...
Do you can read my Post above? i cant confirm "still viable". I know, u dont ask me..just my 2cent to your question.
Guys, there's literally answer on the same page from the author:

Cyrix1337 wrote:
In general I think this Build needs a bit too much investment nowadays to perform on the highest level.

It is still very much viable - but it needs good gear for that. And the Circle of Guilts for Herald of Purity are super expensive since all impale Builds use them as well. So- yeah. Make of that what you will.

I worked on another Build like this one (fairly tanky and a bow Char) for which I will release a Guide next League.

Cheers o/
So yeah, probably don't try it for a league starter unless at your own risk. You don't want to league start with a build that requires a lot of investment to feel good.
Well, i finished this Build last Summer.

I decide now to rebuild it. Justing looking wich of the Items i still can use for a NEW Build, (the Items i just bought :) )

Your new Build has my Attention.

why not something like split arrow though? it has flat physical damage and gives a lot of damage to doomfletch's prism.
anyone try in heist?
ZeroTwo465#4283 - дискорд тупа. Мнение?

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