[3.5] Flicker Striking VENDIGO Spectres! Crazy strong, crazy fast, crazy fun! - T16 video added

One of the most entertaining build guides I've come across, thank you! I was just waiting for that Chuck Norris quote in the end. These Vendigo looks really cool. I wonder how they'll work with the new 3.8 support Feeding Frenzy. Also the new gloves that lets you convert minion damage to other elements looks crazy, for any minion+EE build I guess.
I wanted to try this build for some time. I think I will make it my starter for 3.8, because of necromancer changes, summon spectre changes, new support gems and all. I have never played spectres, only skeletons. I like the summoner playstyle, but my skeles were a bit weak in terms of clearing - I went for raw power and they deleted bosses in seconds but clearing was a bit tedious as I needed to resummon them constantly! Anyway, I am familiar with some of the mechanics as I was using the Victario shield and all with that build.

I think that one area that this build might struggle is because of the changes to the gem, now the level of the spectres depends on the gem, what might mean that other spectres that can benefit from the shaper/elder support mods that spawn on helmets, will simply be better, because you can also get + minion gems on helmets. However maybe it is possible to use the helmet with vendigos as well.

Also, another guy in this thread mentioned the tarantulas, which are 'event spawned', well now it's not a problem anymore, because their level will just depend on the gem. You will need to go to Jungle Valley map each time but well. That map is not going to be as expensive as shaper frags anyway.

Again, thanks for the idea, there's lots of changes in the new league that might mean the build needs to be reinvented a bit, but at least the idea of using vendigos or for that matter anything that flickers is a vvery good one I feel.

If I do go along with this plan I will post some updates here, assuming the OP doesn't update the guide for 3.8. Or maybe I even post another guide and reference this one, who knows how well this goes.
Msciwoj, good point you made about undesecratable mobs being potentially viable now because we no longer have to desecrate and cast our specs in a high level zone. I hadn't realized that until I read your post, but that's a pretty big deal. It opens up a few really interesting specs that were previously unusable for us necros. I will definitely try the Deadly Tarantulas again, and maybe experiment with some others that were previously off limits. Thanks for pointing that out.

Also, I'll be sure to update the Vendigo guide after I figure out how best to deploy them in 3.8 with the new changes
Carrion golem is a huge buff imo since Chaos golem was mostly lackluster and flat phys is huge.

Played around with it, seemed to clear maps quicker (minions walked mostly with me rather than behind). I haven't gotten a +2 helm. It's going to be a bit more expensive now since all necros are going to want a +2 helm with minion damage socket support.
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