[3.5] Dyg's NoLyco Cospris Life/CI - 15-20M REAL Shaper DPS - [All Content ezpz] - Low/High Budget

Hello guys and welcome to my Cospris NoLyco build for Betrayal, and hopefully many future leagues to come! I have been playing this build for over a month, and about 2 weeks in I decided to drop my lyco and try to push the build further. The result was wildly successful and significantly more dps than I thought possible. For reference, I have run well over 1000+ PURE Chayula carries with this setup, which was the initial goal for this build. I can easily carry the run itself if no one else is killing, and the boss melts. Shaper, Uber Atziri, and Uber Elder are all cake with this build, regardless if you are Life or CI.

To see this build in action, or to get questions answered immediately, you can always catch me streaming live at: www.twitch.tv/Dygnity

*** One final note before we dive in, the PoB and DPS calculations are real, true, and pure dps. There are NO inflated numbers, garbage calcs, 50% shocked ticked, or anything. What you see is exactly what you are going to get, and in fact, you might get more. I hate investing time, effort, and currency into a build that doesn't perform because of a bloated PoB. The following is a true build based on actual gameplay events xD ***

The build has both budget and min/maxed variations for Life Based and CI. I personally prefer CI mainly for Pure Chayula, and it also feels great bossing in general. If you are strictly mapping, with the occasional boss kill here and there, Life feels great. For both variations, I suggest minor swaps in gear and flasks depending on what you are running just to keep things smooth :)

* I will get the low budget and Life Based variants posted ASAP. With so many people asking for my build, I just wanted to get my current setup posted and explained immediately so you have it. *

In-Depth: How and Why it WORKS

The majority of current Cospris builds just equip Lycosidae, forego itemizing any accuracy, and call it a day. What those builds haven't realized is that you are leaving a massive amount of DPS on the table. In the process of min/maxxing for Chayula pures going to 100 again, I didn't have issues killing her with Lyco. But that Hits Can't Be Evaded craft just seemed to unlock a lot of possibilities.

First and foremost, it is important to note that the crafted Hits Can't Be Evaded is LOCAL to that weapon only. Without stacking a little bit of accuracy (which is super easy, and not costly, since most are not doing it) you'll have around 65-70% chance to hit with Cospri and 100% with the offhand. I did not realize this at first, but running like that already felt better than Lyco. Especially when everything hit- it was monster. Once I realized the reason for the occasional spin with no juice, I identified the issue.

My solution was adding a few layers of accuracy and DPS into the build. I started by getting flat acc on gloves and my warlords mark ring, and settled for a trash accuracy roll on my helmet after many dense fossils. Now I can scale that. Since we hit the Templar start no matter what tree, I shifted 2 points for 30% accuracy rating into the Precision node, with the added benefit of some attack speed. I went with an Enlighten4 setup to run Herald of Ice, Discipline, and WAR BANNER. Holding the Banner is 51% accuracy at the highest level I have enough strength for (Lv12), and dropping it gives us the same amount of accuracy, and a few seconds of Adrenaline. Dear christ. Lastly, whenever I remember it, I have an Ice Golem for the accuracy buff. However, I honestly don't feel its necessary. This put me at 90% chance to hit with Cospris, 100% with offhand, and the game completely changed.

A side note about cyclone mechanics. While you are cycloning, you cannot be frozen or stunned. Cyclone hits TWICE for each APS, so at 3 APS you are hitting once, each attack, with BOTH weapons, thus 6 actual attacks. This is why 3.5-3.7 is the target APS for CoC with no cooldown recovery as it ensures you maintain proc rate cap without any attacks happening with CoC on cooldown, aka "misfires". If you have played poets pen, this should be familiar. Cyclone rolls when the skill is used to determine if the attack is a hit, and if it is, if its a crit or not. If it missed, all attacks during that cyclone will miss. Conversely, if it rolled a hit, and that hit was a crit, ALL attacks for the duration of that cyclone are hits and crits. In the GIF above youll notice my cursor is very close to my character, and I cyclone constantly but at extremely close range on top of my target. This ensures I do not end up with a long cyclone that does not crit. It also prevents you from staying locked in a long cyclone that could put you in a dangerous situation should you need to abort and dodge incoming damage or mechanics. Adapting this into your gameplay will make a massive and noticeable different on your survivability and DPS. While mapping and clearing packs, longer cyclones are totally fine.

Now since we are dual weilding, instead of a shield, we pick up the natural buff for dual wielding. Directly from the Wiki:
Whenever the player equips two one-handed weapons of any type, dual wielding grants the following stats:

10% more Attack Speed while Dual Wielding
15% additional Block Chance while Dual Wielding
20% more Attack Physical Damage while Dual Wielding
The attack speed bonus is applied multiplicatively with other attack speed modifiers.

Juice. Multiplicative attack speed bonus AND we keep half the block from Lyco. Except now we have a pure dps item in that slot. Because its an ambusher, we maintain high APS on the offhand and benefit from the implicit crit. Cyclone also gains about 6% base crit from this as well. More crit, more procs, more dps.

The last decision to make was what to actually put in the offhand. I identified a neat little delve mod as a suffix for daggers "50-60% Increased Damage When on Full Life".... this build as CI is 100% on Full Life, as life you are 99% of the time on Full life. Yes please. The other suffix that by far seemed the best was 1 Abyssal Socket, as you can get life or es and 3 damage mods- this negates the life lost from Lyco or straight gives you ES if you are CI. After selecting this combo, I knew 1 prefix would be sacked for Hits Can't Be Evaded, and out of the possible prefixes you can roll, the best ones turned out to be from the crafting bench. 50% spell damage + 5% non-chaos as extra, and 10-11% non-chaos as extra provided the most dps. So 1 suffix given to the multi-mod, 2 to the fossils, 1 prefix for Hits, and 2 for the crafts. I built this dagger in PoB, and my base dps jumped a little over 50% and it was not calculating the abyssal socket in the weapon for some reason. Mission accomplished.

The Good and The Bad

The Good:
- About twice the peak and sustained DPS of a Lycosidae variant.
- Crushes all content with ease.
- CoC is pretty juice right now, appreciate that GGG.
- 8-9k+ ES.
- The innate dual wield bonus is extra attack speed and block, before considering the rolls of the dagger. Lyco gives marginal HP and some block.
- Running an Ambusher helps achieve cyclone max proc rate, and also provides a ~6% base INCREASE on cyclones crit chance. This means more CoC procs, easier time keeping proc rate cap, and higher sustained and peak dps.
- It feels great when you legit delete your Lyco.
- Fun as shit to play.
- Shadow (Assassian) or Scion (Assassian/Slayer, Assassian/Inquis).
- Stacking Accuracy is not hard, and pretty inexpensive.
- Quite a few gearing options for various levels of investment.
- Low-budget variation can still dumpster the game.
- Rolling your own gear is fun and often profitable.
- I am currently working on a BIS mirror tier dagger that does not exist in Betrayal or in Standard. Thats how dank this build is and how much I enjoy playing it.
- Build is a great currency generator on a low budget.
- Solid beginner build, fantastic build for experienced players.

The Bad:
- The High-End variation can get expensive, but thats what currency is for... right? <3
- The dagger can be expensive, but there are budget options.
- Hits can't Be Evaded bench mod is 3ex / Multi is 2ex if crafting yourself.
- A Few core items are required, like Pandemonius, Cospris, Warlords Mark ring. You can budget your way to most of them however.
- Few gear and flask slots should be swapped depending on what you are doing, but nothing major.
- ES version can struggle with resist, but not hard to make up on jewels if needed.
- ES version can be a bit slow, since you want high es boots, cdr, and chunky res. Just swap if you are mapping. Speed is not an issue for me in breaches since its capped.
- Headhunter only feels -decent- with this build, I have one and rarely run it.
- Not really MF friendly, but its do-able.

True Damage Calcs and Explanation

The average Cospris build running Lycosidae sits between 3.5M and 8M Shaper DPS, with a few touching 10M peak dps. On average, during non-vaal RF, not all flasks up, aka non-optimal DPS scenarios, the typical Cospris with lyco rides around 4-5M DPS or lower.

My current PoB puts the true peak DPS of my character, imported as it sits with no bloated garbage calculations, at 15M shaper dps. My sustained sits around 11-12M shaper dps. The following is exactly how I arrived there, and how you should calculate your overall dps if you are currently playing Cospris. Your config may look a little different than mine, depending on your variant.

Configuration: Power Charges(6), Aspect of the Spider (3 stacks), 1 Nearby Enemy (Insert Boss Here), Full Life (CI), -9 Cold Resistance (Helmet, PoB Does not calculate at this time), Enemy Blinded/Chilled (Pandemonius), Vaal RF Active. You can add Frost Bomb for -25% cold resistance, but I wont.


Skill DPS:
Chest Ice Nova: 410k
Cospri Ice Nova: 160k
Cospri Frostbolt: 145k
Procs per second (w/ CDR): Ill use 8 flat.

Damage Calculation:
Chest Ice Nova: 410k x 8 = 3,280,000
Chest Ice Nova (On both Frost Bolt Proj): (400k x 2) x 8 = 6,560,000
Cospri Ice Nova: 160k x 8 = 1,280,000
Cospri Ice Nova (On both Frost Bolt Proj): (160k x 2) x 8 = 2,560,000
Frost Bolt: 145k x 8 = 1,160,000

Total Peak DPS: 14,840,000

Forst Bomb (On CWDT or Self Cast) provides about 3.8-4M DPS, putting us to almost 20M.


I drop down to about 12-12.5M without Vaal RF Active. I do run with Increased Duration and Efficacy, so its generally still active after I have killed the boss, looted, and exited the map ;)

*** Notes:
- PoB does not calculate the jewel socketed in the weapon. Just take an extra node somewhere on the tree to compensate, as the stat nodes will yield no dps increase.
- PoB does not calculate the -9% to nearby enemy res on helmet. Manually enter it.
- I have tried dual Cospris with a variety of different gem setups since we are acc stacked, and on paper it seemsgoodTM but in-game it performs much worse. Id suggest it only until you can upgrade out of it, but even a worse rolled ambusher than I currently use feels better. Awkward.
- An overall improvement of my jewels to triple multi/es and to double damage/multi/es abyss pushes me much higher, but it really feels like overkill. At 4-10ex a jewel ill pass, even though theres probably 40-60k+ nova base dps left on the table.

Path of Building

My current tree and setup as CI: https://pastebin.com/1QiK7Kzq

* I have pathed to an extra jewel socket underneath Shadow in order for PoB to calculate my abyss jewel in my weapon. The tree is level 100.

More trees for CI progression, Low Budget CI, Life Low and High Budget to come. Just getting this up and out there first <3


Help Alira.

Current Gear: CI / High Budget

In my opinion, the only true required items are Cospri's and 1x Frozen Trail. From there, everything is extremely important but substituting is possible. If you need to hobble by on Lycosidae while you buy or craft the gear (Life or ES) thats totally fine.

I crafted a lot of the gear myself, which is why its not perfectly min maxed. I really enjoy the crafting aspect in general, and I made a lot of great gear to sell in the process of going for my own rolls. Can very easily be a solid way to generate extra income for some of the pieces you cannot craft or aim to afford.


Cospri's is core. We build around this. Does not need to be 3 white, or have any juiced quality- this one was just the same price as the others and it was useful in testing without recoloring.

The Hit's Cant Be Evaded/ Damage on Full / Abyss / Multimodded offhand of juicy dps. Your goal is to transition into this. This is an effective 40-50% dps increase to the build, maybe more for you. Its a build changer. That being said, you can use another 1.5 APS Offhand with hits cant be evaded until you can work up to this one. You can also run lyco if needed. If you need to get by on a different dagger, just keep in mind the base APS should be 1.5, and crit implicit is extremely helpful. Try to get at least some helpful stats, spell damage, added to spells, extra as chaos, spell crit, etc.


I bought the base for 1ex and dense fossiled this roll. It can still get some extra syndicate quality and a better master quality roll, but meh. I suggest a high 650-700+ es chest to get you started. Regen per second not required, but feels good when youre dodging and not able to dps. A nice res or 2 would be solid since this forced me into t1/t2 double res rolls on all my other pieces. Quite a few bases with these colors, or 3 white 2b 1g available for you to craft on at the 1ex range. Make sure its il86 for top rolls. GL on your dense fossils!


ES helmet required, 40% Nova Damage enchant only if you can afford or are min/maxxing. Depending on how much accuracy you land on ring and gloves, accuracy roll could be more important than enchant. I used Dense and Frigid Fossil here, in 2s resonator, until I landed -9, decent es, and accuracy. I was pretty unlucky so I kept this low accuracy roll. 300+ acc would yield about 2% more hit chance based on my scaling, so keep that in mind. Ill probably roll soon on a new base for a higher es and acc roll with -9, but this works perfectly.


ES, Accuracy, and Res here. You should aim for 300+ acc, 40+ dual res, and as much es as you can get. Admittedly if you are pure dps jewels, filling res can be tricky, but not too expensive or hard. I densed like 6 pairs of 1-8ex gloves into existence before buying these im wearing for 1ex xD


On boots aim for CDR, 40+ dual res, and as much es as you can get. If mapping, try to get move speed. If breaching, its not necessary. Wish the mana roll on mine were move speed so I wouldnt need to swap for maps, but meh.


Stygian, ES, CDR, and %ES from Body Armor. CDR is fine whether you master it or get the pure roll. I would try to slot 1 decent res here and you should cap, whatever you are not capped on through helm/boots/gloves. I would say that the es from body is most important here, as it gives me like +700es since its also scaled through any es% scaling you have (roughly 250% in most builds).

Alternatively, if you are mapping or just want to run it, HH feels pretty decent. If res is an issue, consider swapping a jewel around to cap.


Mark of the Shaper for sure.

Elder ring in other slot, get Warlords Mark 100%. Grab one with Aspect of the Spider, or an open suffix and put it on yourself. Accuracy is also important here, aim for 300+. Might be easiest to get one with acc and mark, then spider yourself. You'll probably save some money. Running without warlords, or even on cwdt or a herald, wont feel good. If you need to hold off on Spider its ok, id say get it on another piece but you want the suffixes elsewhere for res to be honest. I also picked this specific two-stone based on my res needs. Adjust yours as necessary.

Master crafted shock while focused is a disgusting DPS upgrade if you can fit it. However it is a suffix, and so are acc, warlords, and spider, so only if you get spider elsewhere.


Pandemonius. Damage, some res, blind, pen. FeelsGoodMan. They're cheaper now too. If youre playing cospris already, you probably already have one.

You can get by with maybe an elder neck with crit, crit multi, life or es, and estra as chaos if needed. If it comes down to only having spider on your neck, I wouldn't trade pandemonius for spider, Id just wait until I could get it elsewhere.

Lastly I wouldnt suggest a corrupted one, unless the dex is still there. Build toes the line on the dex requirement and youll have to make it up somewhere else if you do. If you can, go for cold leech, curse, max res, or something else juicy.


Not required, but fuck if it isn't amazing. Gives almost 20 passives for free. The cost is high, but you pay more for 50% crit multi jewels that dont give half the shit that unnatural does, and its free. If you dont have it, you should be working towards it.

The important stat on my watchers is the +es gain on hit with disc. If you are life based, hatred is an option, in which case the pen is extremely valuable. Disc +es on hit with some other combinations can be beneficial, but if youre on a budget, thats the only mod you need. And its cheap.

You need 1, and only 1, Frozen Trail. If anyone told you otherwise they lied. I can see a small argument made for 2 while mapping, but I wouldn't. The main reason here is that Ice Nova expands from a maximum of 2 frost bolts. Additionally there is no shotgun anymore, so a maximum of 1 will hit any given target per cast.

I highly suggest corrupting blood on this, as its a cheap jewel and easy to vaal yourself if you cant afford. The watchers, unnatural, and your dps jewels are all high risk low reward vaals and that feelsbadman. This allows you to give up your bleed flask, as long as youre careful about actual bleed.

A mix of Abyss and normal jewels. I see a lot of builds saying to run energy from within, and you can, but I strongly advise against it. Instead run an abyss jewel in that location with 40-50es, and 2-3 damage mods, and get the same ES as you would from energy from within AND 2-3 damage mods. No brainer.

Stat Priority
Normal Jewels:

Crit Multi
More Crit Multi
As Much Crit Multi as you can get
Settle for Area Damage when you cant get more multi

On abyss:

ES Flat
Crit Multi
Cold to Spells
More Cold to Spells
Maybe some Lightning to spells for min shock on one jewel.


Cold res should be your highest without issue. Its also possible to balance it for the 10% elemental damage reduction if you desire, but thats next level. Stronk DPS flaskerino.

Leech and extra as chaos. Try to get high elemental roll ofc :)

Take your pick on the prefix for your diamond. You might want reduced used, increased gained, or duration. Reduced used and Increased Duration math out so close its totally up to you. Either 2 uses at almost 9 seconds each or 3 uses at 6. Im lazy, I went with pressless. :)

Gotta go fast has to be somewhere in the build. Between this and flame dash/arcane surge, mobility isnt an issue. Cyclone is also a movement tagged skill, so this speeds up the cyclone animation.

This is your flex flask. I use Rumi's for Chayula but the value is debatable. It puts us at 34% block, and if the enemy is blinded from our neck, were at 54% evade chance, with the armor from it putting us at 27% phys reduction. If you are straight mapping, an onslaught flask might be better here since youll want something for dealing with freeze. If you are running tul pure, youll want unfreezy here too. Even in Chayula I could probably run a dps flask here simply based on how safe the build actually is, which is why its debatable. I honestly used it just to keep me warm and fuzzy going to 100 and just never swapped after.

CI / Low Budget

Coming Soon. Ill flesh out this section with my entry level gear and pob, and priorities on upgrading. For now, just refer to the high budget section as I explain where you can cut corners for each piece of gear.

Sadly if you are low budget youll probably still be holding that janky shield, but not for long! Ill try to showcase some cheaper hits cant be evaded daggers that make it worth dropping the shield.

Life / High Budget

Coming soon. Have quite a few people playing high budget life variations, so I will combine their current variations with the previous one I ran and deliver a min/maxed setup. Ill also need to purchase/borrow a few high end items so that I can link them here for you.

BIGSORRY for right this moment <3

Life / Low Budget

Coming soon. I have a few good PoB's for entry level gearing and progression. Ill buy some items I am missing just so I can link them. I will try to showcase some cheaper hits cant be evaded daggers that still make it worth dropping lyco.


Q: Dyg, I dont have much currency and I want to play this build as CI, how much will it run me?

A: If you get the bare bones on the cheap side, probably 5-10ex. Cospri's 1ex, 6L chest base 1ex, Pandemonius 3.Xex. Then the dense fossils and rng. If you bought it outright, more on the 10ex side of things. Its not a tabula and white dagger build, but also not very expensive to get up and running if were being realistic. If you are looking for a sub 1ex build, I wish I could give it to you but I just cant.

Q: Dyg, how much of a difference does Unnatural Instinct make, is it worth it if I have the money?

A: Fuck yes. Its massive. Get it if you can, save for it if you cant.

Q: Dyg, will this build suck if I dont have exactly what you do, set up exactly how you have it?

A: Yes and no. NoLyco CI is pretty rigid as far as the setup goes. You can cut corners, but the core is the core. The life based variant has a lot more wiggle room, and comes in cheaper overall, with solid dps.

Finally, I would just like to say thank you guys for reading! If you have questions, comments, gear showcases, or gear checks, please feel free to post! You can also ask me in-game @TwitchTvDygnity or @Dygnity, or just swing by the stream whenever I am live! I hope you enjoy playing this build as much as I do!

Credits to my stream for the support, and Demonyc for build and dagger craft suggestions <3

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Pog nice write-up this build is super legit ^^. Was fun crafting some of the gear with you ;P
Made some trades with this dude, and had a good chat, seems like a solid guy. Build seems legit also, he answered any questions I had, really cool guy
Last edited by Dougall1988 on Jan 28, 2019, 11:37:38 AM
Nice build! But I think u need to check this https://imgur.com/nZXHI3Dfor the correct number of skills triggered per second.
Hey handsome, can I do this build with only like 70ex budget or so? I really like big CoC's dmg and this one looks very cool.
how can u proc 8 novas + 8 frostbolts per sec u cant trigger both at the same time in cospris it has 4 novas 4 frostbolts per sec i think
Tobinator wrote:
how can u proc 8 novas + 8 frostbolts per sec u cant trigger both at the same time in cospris it has 4 novas 4 frostbolts per sec i think

I could be wrong but as far as I understand the socketed spells are triggered, in the order they are linked, each time the Cospris proc conditions are met (on any melee critical strike).

This differs from poets pen since each pen alternates on each trigger when you dual wield, meaning the spells in the left pen will trigger in socketed order on the first attack, and the spells in the second pen will trigger in socketed order on the second attack, and back and forth. I think thats what you might be thinking.

Spell triggers cannot override cooldown of skills, like the Cold Snap example on the wiki, but they should all trigger.

On that note, your Frost bolt should be above your ice nova in the Cospris, so those projectiles have been fired and allow the subsequent Ice Nova from the cospris and the chest to expand from them.

If there is any citation to the contrary, pretty please link me so I can re-adjust calculations. It also feels like it performs as I have explained during my gameplay.

Thanks for the info though, Ill keep looking for anything that concretely supports the mechanic working in either of these ways so we know for sure <3

Sethaxd wrote:
Hey handsome, can I do this build with only like 70ex budget or so? I really like big CoC's dmg and this one looks very cool.

I think you can pretty much put everything together for 70ex, maybe 80exish to go my exact variant of the higher budget CI. around 10-12ex for the gear, maybe 15ish if you get juicy rolls, then ~70 for the dagger.
Hey Dyg,

just started this build by rebuilding my former Shadow Flicker.

Spent about 10ex so far and feels pretty solid already.

This is what I put on so far:

Really basic stuff here (especially chest, rings, belt). Some are leftovers from other chars.

Only concentrated on a decent Cospri's, decent Shaper Ring and Pandemonious since I won't change these in the nearest future.

I'm even missing two jewels, my Gloves and Boots are not correctly socketed... etc etc.

Really just wanted to get the mechanic going and... it didn't. Didn't crit, didn't do any damage as a result of that UNTIL I noticed that it might be a good idea to actually run Lab again and get the new Ascendancy Class *facepalm.

Anyway, now it rocks already with that shitty stuff I gave poor Apextor to wear. Just ran T10 Belfry and failed the boss a bit, but T11 Mesa was a piece of cake, even Abyss and Breach.

Maybe you want to take some of my gear for the low budget variant, changing stuff here and there ofc.

Anyway, thanks so far, very enjoyable! Always made my way around cyclone, but it's actually quite nice :)
Keep it up and thanks for the detailed build!


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