The Purple Crystal Armour Set and Cloak

Not bad
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Yeah, that COULD be the ultimate purple outfit, but you're forgetting Prophecy and Breach mtx! I'll show you ultimate.
Who wants to use MTX that look like you wear a diaper?

Seriously ggg ... your MTX get worse ...

[x] No / Ugly / NN
What if the next league is purple?
looks like a purple not so Incredible hulk under the hood. and frankly that looks more at home in Marvel or Dc. GGG you are simply doing to much to fast. think stuff throu damn it. miss the old days
horrible :((
Love it :)
again more useless mtx and still we cannot see resonator and fossils stash tab.. OMG!
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Way better than the bird-error you had! I love it (mainly because it's purple!)

Good job GGG!


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