[3.6] Tectonic Slam Ascendant Slayer / Pathfinder - 8000 + Life, 1 Mill + DPS - All Content

Updated the build for 3.6 Synthesis.

Ascendant Slayer is one step away from being a garbage ascendancy and the nerfs to life steal are a huge survivability loss for the build.

I can no longer recommend this build for endgame bossing to inexperienced players, the huge loss of life sustain from leech being such a short duration now is very deadly in phased fights if we cannot maintain constant DPS.

You cannot faceroll the endgame with this build anymore without proper play.
Would running The Overflowing Chalice or an 2nd Life flask be enough to compensate the life lose during the phased/fleeing sections?
Last edited by magicdownunder on Apr 27, 2019, 10:49:57 PM
Thoughts on 3.7 changes?

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