GGG are "Wallet Watchers"

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I also think the prices areto high on PC. But Have you ever thought about that maybe your attitude is the problem?

I also do criticise the prices of MTX in general. And I would even say they should stop making lootboxes.

I dont buy them anymore but I have spent at least 3000€ into the game.
I was not forced to do so, it is my own fault, so why should I blame them?

Yes the prices are high but I dont want to run aroundlike a homeless drunken beggar. Thats why I buy MTX and Packs.
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No one cares what you are wearing in the game.

Folks only see you for a few minutes or 2 while you are in Town or in your hideout for a trade.

Again this comes down to "HOW YOU WANT TO SUPPORT THE COMPANY"

You need to look at things in different ways.


1) Is a free game worthy of my support?
2) What am I getting from the company when I buy a supporter pack.
3) What does this cost break down to?


1) If you have played more then 20 hours and plan on playing more then the answer should be yes.
2) Ok, let's take the Pitfighter Supporter pack as an example.

Full armour set (420 points Value = 45$)
Back Attachment (320 Points Value = 35$)
Helmet effect (150 Points Value = 15$)
Apparition Effect (Not available to buy in Shop)
Weapon Effect (150 Points Value = 15$) -
Portrait Frame (Not available to buy in Shop)
Plus you get 550 (55$)
And digital Soundtrack.

3) So for 60$ support, you get over 160$ worth of items and points.
Damn, that is pretty good.
I do not know of any other place that gives you this good of a value for your money, do you?

All Prices I used are based on an average when I looked in the store to buy them individually. This is not an exact average just a guess.

Again how you choose to support the company is your decision.

Would folks be willing to pay 10$ in Subscription fees, or 15$ or 20$
But you can look at it that way as well.
Every 60$ you spend is saving you 100$ and you supported the game for 4 months at a 15$ a month subscription rate.

Besides, they have a new sale every day/ week, and at least once a month the stash tabs are on sale so you can wait till then to buy something if you think the item is not worth it to buy at full price.
As well why is it that folks feel free to talk the cost of an MTX.

I do not see you guys bitching about the cost of a meal at a restaurant, or the cost of clothing, or the cost of a new phone, or the Hotel room you got is overpriced.

If a meal at a restaurant is too expensive then you do not go there to eat, if the clothing is too expensive then you wait for a sale, if the cost of a phone is too much you get the version before for cheaper, book your hotel room further in advance for cheaper rate or use a 3rd party to find a better rate.

Sometimes the sense of entitlement is too much.

You are the consumer it is your choice on how you spend your time and money.

The companies only set a price on what they think is fair. (SRP = Suggested Retail Price)

If you think the price is not fair then do not buy it.
It is that simple.

You guys.. I don't know why you are replying with more than a sentence to an obvious troll...
Wow, lots of obvious troll feeding here.

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