[3.6] The Frost Queen Occultist Frostbolt/Vortex|CI|SSF/LeagueStarter Friendly

2 Thing i have to to say is Skill_Tree spoiler doesnt work and i dont see any gem link info on wich gems to use could you maybe edit the post? :P
I have a noob question about the build. Let me preface this by saying that I am currently spec'd as a Freezing Pulse LL/Crit build.

You're currently built around Vortex as your main skill with Frostbolt as support. Is this the strictly better way to do it, or is building around Frostbolt with Vortex as support also viable?

I ask this because it seems like Frostbolt/Vortex would be more synergistic than using Freezing Pulse/Cold Snap as I am right now, and the only changes I would need to make would be to swap my Jewels.

Thanks for any feedback you are willing to provide.

EDIT: Upon further review, I have discovered that the Frostbolt projectiles are destroyed to create the Vortex. Please disregard my post.
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Need to know what Gems are in the build, as you do not have them in your gear

and nothing in guide shows them. Please include these in the guide or PM me back

with this information. Thanks.
I can not see your skill GEM LINKs in your post! please update it

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