[3.6] The Frost Queen Occultist Frostbolt/Vortex|CI|SSF/LeagueStarter Friendly

Hello! Seems like an amazing build! I'm thinking about using this as my starter in Synthesis! It looks very fun and interesting and I'm getting very hyped! Is there any changes that affects us that we should consider? What should I think about when starting with this build? Do you have any general tips? Will you update the guide with potential Synthesis changes?

Looking forward to play your build,

Also, with the new ES leech stuff wouldn't going MoM and EB being viable as defense? Or would you still recommend going the current defense route? I heard something like getting 2k ES and reserving all the mana and with the ES leech you should be fine. I'm not really good at this stuff though so I don't know. I just thought I should mention it as it may be possible that it saves some skill points that we can use elsewhere. I don't even know if ES leech works with our skills hehe.

MoM Specifically states life, so it doesnt mitigate damage onto the ES, However after looking through the manifesto and tree changes, i think it is overwhelmingly superior going the ES route this league. There will be a full over haul on the skill tree and gearing for you guys.
I have made all of the updates I can until Saturday. See you guys in Synthesis!!!
I think this build is exactly what I was looking for, never played Witch or ES and wanted to do some Frostboltin' this league, will try it out as a starter!
Could you save the old build and/or do a build for SSF?
smallson1 wrote:
Could you save the old build and/or do a build for SSF?

I will go ahead and get the Life variant posted in a spoiler section of the build, however i do still need to rework the tree with that build. I will post the tree, and the gearing for that. However i do think that the CI version is going to be superior even for SSF. It will be my league start for SSF this league. But yes, i will get that in a spoiler for anyone wanting to play the life variant from Betrayal.
In my opinion with the way crafting is in this league and the few before it, ES is going to be the superior option for SSF, as not a single unique will be necessary. None of the synthesis changes affected life based spell leech. All of the new nodes/supports are exclusively spell ES leech. Encouraging casters to go the ES route I think.
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Thanks alot!
There is no skill tree linked.
rcs5027 wrote:
There is no skill tree linked.

When I updated this build guide on 3.7.19, the skill tree was not updated on the POE website for me to do an updated version of it. Path of Building has the updated tree. :)
You had the gear linked in the guide and could not kill uber elder? That doesn't make much sense to me when Cold DoT is supposed to be such a safe build for Uber. I decided to add frostbolt into my build because I just think it's very fun. I'll update when I kill uber later in the league.
hey I hav done some teawking to your build

what do you say to this version


you cand either go the more tanky route whit vile bastion
or more dps whit malediction

also removed your jewels becurse i think they are to hard to get at the start of a new league

and change some items

think i will do a respec to this bould

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