Reflecting on Past Releases Part 2

I would really appreciate it if ggg outright says that Breach made the explosion of Clearspeed Meta and made everything after that a clusterfuck of different coloured loot pinata that dies to one hit from "good builds". All the reflection says nothing about this and personally, this shows signs of stubbornness and unwillingness to admit their failure in balancing their own game.
ggg i challenge you to SHIFT AWAY FROM CLEARSPEED META.
Fail this and dun come spitting on our face "we want to shift meta" as excuse to justify your always bullshit way of balancing everything in this game. Shit on you in the new year if you fail to do this. just fucking burn and crash already if you fail to shift clearspeed meta. Dont ask me for explanation why, you know it already how much damage clearspeed meta has done in terms of game balance. good lord for the love of god this mess of a balance.
Natalia_GGG wrote:
Breach was initially designed as Beyond 2, though we dropped a lot of the more-apparent theming before announcement, giving it its own identity.

How was that theming? Why was it dropped?
Add a Forsaken Masters questline
still have tab with talismans, neatly sorted.

Talisman was my favorite league. Bring it back :p

Ditto this guy.
I loved Talisman, even with its flaws...
Nowadays, Talisman would need to never roll white talismans because 125 areas for a blue tier 4 talisman is still a bad proposition, but it would be a nice improvement.

Im just glad Talisman still gets love in divination cards, in delves, and now in actual drops from sydicate.

So glad I am able to farm for talismans or even better, the talismans implicit on amulet) this league :D
"Teamwork is OP"
-The one and only one Dark_Reaper115 at your service.
Talisman is also the first and last time we got a full armor set as a challenge reward.
Rose tinted glasses for breach IMO. Mechanic was boring as hell, yay run around the edge of a circle. People just remember the absolute loot fest pinata it was. Ask people about breach and all they say is loot so much loot, loot for days, never ending loot.we need more portals, so much loot.
Would wish ingame had more such cinematics. Everything looks waaay more amazing that way and the game really lacks that, since it is drowning now in tomes of text (which is not bad), but that would be a great polishing. More clear story by itself of what is going on. A lot of people who are playing from long ago can't even tell you exactly what is going on ingame:D Had to look it up on youtube....some people made a lore video.

Does anyone know where did they get the quotes from the labyrinth or what inspired them? Seems like interesting stuff, when you hear them and think what was said, makes your mind wonder:)
love this game!! I hope you guys can do better.
Unburied_One wrote:

Talisman was my favorite league. Bring it back :p

You're crazy. Talisman was probably my least favorite league. Having a ton of different talismans of different ranks and ilvls it was incredibly annoying to manage all those stupid items.


The clutter sucked but everything else was super awesome, the decisions on what to upgrade and how and the encounters were great. It still remains the only league where I got excited to pick up a rare.

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