Reflecting on Past Releases Part 2

Bananaplasm wrote:
Wait, you had a system that was worse than current lab? And you basically revamped it a week before? How bad must've been both the execution and planning.

it's neither elemental nor physical or secondary.

current labyrinth is ok :)
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Well, Perandus was one of my favorite stand-alone leagues (even though the gold packs froze my computer something fierce), too bad it came out along side the Labyrinth.

I haven't played this game "seriously" since that abomination, even though my current PC plays the game without a hitch.

I despise Breach and Beyond. None of my builds are built for timed killing of everything quickly. I've never been a fast clearer (never traded, so solo-self-found, and never had strong gear which may have contributed toward this... I guess trade really does create a massive power gap between players and the content - and thus a disparity in how people view the balance of the game. I've never personally experienced this so-called powercreep that people talk about somehow trivializing the game.)

My favorite league of all time is in the next batch, though. I'd play standard if the league were put into core, and never look at a new league again. (thus the reason it's not likely to be made core... nobody would beta test their new features in leagues anymore, except to get the challenge goodies and league-specific drops.)

TeaAichSee wrote:
So with every league, u lose everything u play for before it, if u want to play in that new league....this is a marketing scheme by greedy bad people.
So practicly everything u play for, invest time, and rage and for nothing....cause they dont care....what is the misteriioous reason for not letting me use my char from older league in the new league...?

Except ofc the marketing scheme. That is to obvious.

bucko m'boy you couldn't be more obvious of a new APRG player if you wore shirt and a sign that both said "I've never played ARPGs before"
Eag1e wrote:
Should just make a league combining old & new for a bit of fun

Just wait for the next flashback 2 week tournament league. ;)
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Happy to be back finally since Closed Beta for Path of Exile!
Omg. I'm playing sooooooo long. I didn't realize it.
Excelente! Continuem! A Prophecy e Breath foram as melhores!

Vocês podia ter um canal em PT-BR para news no youtube.
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The Past Releases Part 3 will have the one League where I began playing this game. At least I think it will. That was the League where I also bought my very first unique Supporter Pack, my very first meeting with a bit strange, but cool Character, and also where I learned that Challenges was not as easy as I would first thought it was to actually get. Something I am still struggling with to get enough of done. Many people just hated this league, and I actually liked it. Nostalgia I believe it is called.

When it comes to a League I actually didn´t like, was one to come after which again many surprisingly liked. So, there you see.
Sniff. These beautiful trailers bring little tear to my eye :3

So beautiful
Awesome series, thanks!
I just read the 3 parts of the "history book" now. So cool and so good. I'm really glad you took the time to post it.
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