[3.6] Spectre Soulwrest Aurabot Summoner | Upto 6 Auras | Easy to gear | 3mil+ Shaper DPS!

Look at these guys... so cute :3


Obligatory this is my first build guide and I can handle constructive critizism ;)

I have been playing Summoner's and Necro's for quite a few leagues now, constantly going back and forth due to missing the playstyle and damage output!

I really wanted to help out my party but I wanted to dish out a reasonable amount of DPS at the same time whilst keeping the Summoner playstyle!

I've changed this build around to suite my playstyle but will add some different variations I have come across whilst getting to the current build!

Pros & Cons

Party Support with up to 6 Auras of your choice
High Damage Output - Can reach 3.5mil+ Shaper DPS depending on choices
High Survivability* (depends on how you want to build the character)
Can have high HP Pool - 8k+
Fast Playstyle - not the fastest by far but definitely quick
Summoner Playstyle

Summoner Playstyle
Positioning is key and can be annoying at times
Gem Slot Starved - mostly standard for Summoners


Kill All for 2 Passive Points

As a Summoner we are usually passive point starved!

If you want to Help Alira and gain some resistances but this can be found on gear very easily having mostly rare items!

Ascendancy choices

Invoker (Normal) --> Soul Weaver (Cruel) --> Mistress of Sacrifice (Merciless) --> Commander of Darkness (Uber)

It all depends on your playstyle. Mistress of Sacrifice first is also a good choice due to providing you with Flesh Offering buffs early on!


My choices for Pantheons are:

Major - Soul of Solaris - Phys & Elemental Damage reduction, no extra crit damage taken from crits recently!
Minor - Soul of Ryslatha - Gain Life Flask Charges and increased flask recovery - pair this with Bloodgrip amulet and Life Flasks are very quick - helped me get out of a lot of sticky situations!

Find what works best for you. Again, I find Pantheons mostly personal preference!

Gear & Gems Overview



Summon Phantasm on Kill + Minion Damage + Greater Multiple Projectiles + Faster Projectiles + Controlled Destruction + Elemental Focus


Cast When Damage Taken (lvl 7) + Immortal Call (lvl 9) / Flame Dash + Bone Offering
(Don't link Flame Dash and Bone Offering with Cast When Damage Taken until the level requirement is above what Cast When Damage Taken specifies in blue when hovering over the gem!)
Note: Faster Casting gloves are not required! But they do provide a large quality of life when linked with Flame Dash!


Raise Spectre + Spell Echo + Controlled Destruction + Elemental Focus
6-link gems are Helmet Mods : Less Duration + Minion Damage
I was unable to find a suitable helmet with specific mods for single target for either Helmets or Gloves. Less duration provided quite an adequate amount of damage according to PoB and Minion Damage because well it's Minion Damage! If there are better options I could not find any in a suitable combination! (Please let me know if there are other combos I have missed!)

Body Armour


Purity of Fire + Purity of Ice + Purity of Lightning + Anger + Hatred + Vaal Haste

You can mix and match these as you wish. When calculating the different auras, I was going for the most damage at the time whilst keeping all 3 purity's active!

Curse on Hit + Storm Brand (lvl 1) + Projectile Weakness + Flammability
Dual Curse Setup for more damage. Flammability for Single Target Spectres and Projectile Weakness provides knock back which is very helpful as well to push the mob away from you! You can swap in a more defensive setup if you like with Enfeeble + Temp Chains if you prefer!

2x Unset Rings

Desecrate + Convocation

To be able to fit in both Cast When Damage Taken and Immortal Call gems I found I needed two Unsets as being a Summoner, you really are socket starved! Shaper/Elder Rings are not required!

The rest of the gear can be whatever you want it to be. I have filled mine out with Rares with Life and Resists to ensure I have mine at 75% capped


Currently I am using 6x 1% Reduced Mana Jewels so I can save some travel on the tree! If you do not want to do this, you will need to travel to the Influence wheel and grab only the 4% Reduced Mana Reserved notable for 7 points.

You can also pickup Eldritch Battery for 1 more point if you are having mana issues!
Note: I was doing this until I could obtain enough Reduced Mana Reserved Jewels to run 5/6 Auras!

Conquerer's Efficiency is a massive help to aura reservation and with the corrupt for reduced mana so it was a no brainer for my setup!
The Anatomical Knowledge Jewels are not required but help us gain some extra life!

If you are finding yourself Dexterity starved, consider a Fluid Motion Jewel to help out with that requirement! (Does not need the 1% Reduced Mana Reserved Corrupt!)


I am using 3x Cannibal Fire-eaters for Single Target Damage

These can be found by desecrating in either a Shore/Shaped Shore Map or a map with the mod "Area is inhabited by Humanoids"

You can essentially swap these Spectres to whichever you like! If you want to use Solar Guards, you can just drop them straight in! You may require some gem changes to reach their full potential!

Passive Tree

If there are any improvements I can make here, please do let me know!

Current Build: Reduced Mana Jewels Variant with 5 Auras

Alternate Pathing with no Reduced Mana Jewels, Damage Focused, 6 Auras

Quick Levelling "Guide"

Always wanted to show off my amazing paint skills :3

It's up to you how you want to level/build this character. If you are lacking HP, start picking up more on the tree.

I highly recommend Natt's levelling guide found in the "Burning Spectres Build Guide". (all credit to Natt!)Click here

Build Variants

Just like majority of builds, there are usually many MANY different ways to build them!

A few things I have found, created and built around previously can be found below!

More Single Target
Drop the Soulwrest Staff and equip 1 or 2 The Scourge Terror Claw for more damage when you hit an enemy! However this means we lose the Phantasms for clear, so you will need to use either Solar Guards or "insert your Spectre of choice".

Previous leagues I used 2x Solar Guards and 2x Cannibal Fire-eaters for a mixture of clear and single target with a Vis Mortis Chest and Bones of Ullr Boots/Rare Boots with +1 to maximum Spectres to obtain 4 Spectres!

Max Block/Spell Block
If you want to build a max block variant, you can use a few of the Reckless Defence Jewels, Stone of Lazhwar Amulet for additional Spell Block. You can even throw in a Bone Offering grants additional Block Chance enchant on your helmet!

See build guide created by Natt who is running a similar variant of Max Block Summoner for more info : Click Here

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KYe2djceSGk - Quick Mesa T11 Run Through

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-YYP5dVkryc - T14 Palace Run - was a poor example of the build in my opinion but I find it's good to see a builds downsides! (mostly because I'm a bad player :D)

Note: Have since been able to resolve the issue with stun by changing up the tree and traveling over to Unwavering Stance

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0TzyY018mCQ - Shaper Deathless - Was my first run in a few leagues... ignore my mistakes :)

If there is anything I have missed or if you have any changes you think I should make or try out please do let me know so I can add it in :)
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Updated build guide substantially.
Added no reduced mana jewel variant that is very cheap in comparison.
Added Pros/Cons section.
Added Build Variants section and quick gear explanations of some of the variants i have ran before.
Somewhat re-wrote Overview section.
Added front page image - no image editing applied ;)
Edited Pantheon section to provide short explanation of what my choices provide.
Added missed Jewel.
Changed title :)
Other things I've missed I'll edit in!

Added quick levelling tree visual using my amazing paint skills + referenced Natt's amazing levelling guide on the Burning Spectres build guide to assist with gearing early on! :)
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Build is OP, GGG pls nerf.

RexYnator wrote:
Build is OP, GGG pls nerf.

This is a good build c;
interesting idea my dude
If a few people request it, I am more than happy to upload some gameplay!

So can we have a video :D

and how do u deal with chaos dmg
Last edited by BlackSho3k on Dec 30, 2018, 7:34:40 PM
BlackSho3k wrote:
If a few people request it, I am more than happy to upload some gameplay!

So can we have a video :D

and how do u deal with chaos dmg

No worries will get some gameplay out later today!

Am streaming at the moment, there might be some VODs that you can check out if you so choose... www.twitch.tv/fatkmz

Dont really have any way to deal with chaos at the moment other than flask up and move when it hits ;)

In saying that I havent died to chaos damage yet. I find this is due to always being behind or out of the way with the way I play.

Ultimately, I would like to get some Chaos res on gear or find a way to assist with mitigation more for high red tier maps etc.

good build will check it out!

also be careful of those vods there are some spicy bants.
Would play it, but need to see video first.

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