[3.5] CheeQu's CoC Ice Nova Assassin - Up to 7m Shaper DPS + Amazing Clearspeed [In-Depth Guide]

Heh respeced to this build from Ziz's Herald Bomber. It cost me 0 regreats :) Just changed gear and finaly started getting much fun and stopped dying. Still using Ziz's part of tree with Minion Damage affected by Player. Feels great so far.
Btw how does wave of conviction works? Is it apply -res to enemies from my highest dmg or from enemy's highest dmg that was delt to me? I liked Somayd's CWDT setup with Wave of Conviction and Culling Strike. But now I am getting hit not very recently so CWDT doesnt procs too often
madziee wrote:

Btw how does wave of conviction works? Is it apply -res to enemies from my highest dmg or from enemy's highest dmg that was delt to me?

An expanding wave of energy surges forward, damaging enemies in a cone-shaped area over a duration. Each enemy hit is inflicted with Exposure matching the element of which they took the highest damage. Only one Wave of Conviction can be active at a time


lonestaRip wrote:
hey, I have a question.

if I choose dual-wielding, do I still need to put two spells in Cospri's Malice.

I see many dual-weilding coc builds doing this on ninja, but I wonder "cast socketed cold spells on melee critical strike" is a local mod, so when I use cyclone, I hit 3 times each weapon(still 6 times per second in total), then I can only trigger 3 spells per second.

do I miss something? I am really confused.

I think I'm right, but you know...

it depends what spells they are using. some players do not want to self cast spells like vortex so they stick it into one of the cospris. the 3 main spells still is frostbolt, nova. some use wave of conviction or vortex in the 2nd cospris.

you still need 12 - 15 APS and 14% CDR if you dual wield cospris to get the most of it but at the expense of toughness unless you have very specific gg gear.

i did try dual welding for a while but went back to just cospri + lyco set up as i delve a lot and the est 2k ehp extra helps.
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How is this build/starting this build in 3.8?

Thinking of going it for 3.9 if nothing changes about it.
any chance this guide will get a update?
I'm thinking about playing this for 3.9. Is this a good league starter? I see that cospri malice is a required item. Does it perform okay well before I can afford a cospri malice? I'm not the quickest league starter, so affording this might take a little time for me. The other build I'm considering is ice shot deadeye. I prefer this build, but have concerns of it as a league starter.
Focusing on max damage, survivability and clear speed. atm 6,7K life, 214% move speed with Phase Run and flask active.
129K Ice Nova tooltip with charges up. Max Ice Nova damage in PoB is about 600K, thats with everything buffed.


Skill tree

Acrobatics Version; 6,3K life

Path of Building Acro Version code

DPS Calculation vs SHaper ; about 11 million dps theoretical max damage
- DPS Calculation vs Shaper:

Main Ice Nova: Ice Nova Damage (576,134) x 2 (Frostbolt interaction) x 7.46 (Hits per sec) x 1.0 (Crit Chance) = 8 595 919 DPS
Cospri Ice Nova: [ Ice Nova Damage (202,119) x 2 (Frostbolt interaction) x 7.46 x 1.0 ] / 2 (Cospri procs alternate between Frostbolt and Ice Nova) = 1 507 807 DPS
Cospri Frostbolt: [ Frostbolt Damage (322998) x 7.4 x 0.92 ] / 2 = 1 204 782 DPS
Cyclone: 13422 x 7.4 = 100 128 DPS

Combined: 8 595 919 + 1 507 807 + 1 204 782 + 100 128 = 11 408 636 DPS
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Amazing work on the guide! Really appreciate it.

I have a few questions on the build.

1) Is it ok to have 14% attack speed on Cospri's

2) how do you calculate the attack per second for cyclone

Thanks in advance!
which stats am I looking for on the cospri attack speed and spell damage, added damage to cold or just attack speed matters?

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