3.5.1 Patch Notes

That's all well and good. But when are you gonna fix the Carnage Chieftains throwing apes? I have a Spectre build waiting for this!
Super, but sadly I died to mastermind yesterday when I was materially outside the wave visual effect area, so a little late in my case. Oh well, at least this explains my previously inexplicable death!
Will the master soultaker still stay to be sold? Kinda wanted to get that one? or does that also get removed?
Oh, the slow Ice Spears was a bug? I thought you were just being nice to an expected wave of new players. Ah well :)
tbh, i'm still waiting and praying you will fix the bug where syndicate members that die in the same place will not allow you to click on one of the syndicate members, so you are forced to click on the syndicate member on top(since they are on top of each other).
How about removing all that green smoke in Syndicate encounters so we actually can see what is going on?
When will the elder guardian Constrictor bug be fixed? Can't move foward with the elder as the boss bugs out and gives no loot nor leaves atlas. I've done wastepools (he is sitting there right now) multiple times and its still there and never gives loot. Bugged out in Sea of isolation, Ruins of despair.
new packs hype!

still waiting for the legacy shaped/elder map fix, though. (and a buff to sulphite gain... please?) :)
<Fixed a bug where Safehouse rewards were entirely based on the leader's rank, rather than each reward being based on the rank of the syndicate member associated with that reward.>

This WAS a bug ?
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