3.5.1 Patch Notes

3.5.1 Patch Notes

  • We've added five new "Core" Supporter Packs to replace the ones that were released alongside War for the Atlas last year. Check them out at pathofexile.com/purchase after the patch deploys.
  • Substantially improved the rewards for defeating the Syndicate Mastermind. At the completion of the encounter, there are doors that unlock which lead to a treasure room. This room contains rewards based on the Syndicate leaders at the time of the Mastermind's defeat.
  • Added various new effects to many elements of the Mastermind encounter to better signal the state of the encounter.
  • The damage area of the wave from the sculpture in the Mastermind encounter should now more accurately match its visual effects.
  • Made various improvements to the audio in the Mastermind encounter.
  • Fixed various cases in the Mastermind encounter where some skills were not being displayed correctly when re-entering the area.
  • Fixed a bug where Safehouse rewards were entirely based on the leader's rank, rather than each reward being based on the rank of the syndicate member associated with that reward.
  • Fixed a bug where Syndicate members didn't pick from all their available dialogue options.
  • Fixed a bug where beasts from your Menagerie were not being migrated when leagues were merged. If you migrated from a public solo self-found league, please make a new character in solo self-found and use the Migrate All option on the character select screen. If you migrated out of a private league and don't have your beasts, please e-mail support@grindinggear.com for assistance.
  • Fixed a bug where Winter Orb could snapshot.
  • Fixed a bug where Ice Spear travelled slower than intended when used by monsters.
  • Fixed an instance crash that occurred when using The Dancing Dervish unique item.
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