3.5.1 Patch Notes

This updates is killing me 2.9GB
The patches are comming and comming :) again that 15 min of checking resources allocating space and such :)
Howdoyoudo sir
Deadbringer wrote:
saragart wrote:
kazeshi wrote:
How about fixing the big nerf to delve loot behind walls that you put in patch 3.5.0.D

We get way less fossils now and nothing at all was mentioned by ggg

im not sure if it was in this patch but i find very few fossils in general since 3.5

THIS.... Now they dont need to make fossil stackable anyway,theres no way youll be getting enough from now on. Back to volcano leeching party to make some dough.

New league patch notes mentioned there would be less fossils along the main\side paths.
Break some walls, plenty of fossils to be found.
I am delving at level 140-ish now and didn't delve a lot, already have close to 3 tabs of fossils and 2 tabs resonators.
I can actually say I am very happy with the new numbers, the previous league I've collected 25+ tabs with fossils only, and 5 quad tabs with resonators - the total number of 4 socket resonators for me that league: 3.. and this league I am at 4 already! huge improvement in drop rates.
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it's nice that you regularly update the game but I'm scratching my head at 3 gigs of download/ update, for These patch notes?

it seems very bloated, in comparison with other games.

This is probably a non issue for 50% ish of your playerbase who have fast internet, but it takes me close to 2 hours to download this :S

all that just for new supporter packs.

Seems your compression team needs to do a big overhaul of the whole game tbh.
Ok lol ima new but download 15Gigs then 6Gigs then 900Mb then 2.9Gigs lol
Its just killing me.........and still got DC in Oriat ..I will not cry about drop rate but SSFL its not rewarding me.D'oh
More loot! Thanks GGG :) Getting JUST a flask from that seemed kinda lame :) Considering how much effort and time goes into getting there. Temples definitely outshine it
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Dat Portals damn
Sick Packs
I just want to get in on all these replies!
Fixed a bug where Safehouse rewards were entirely based on the leader's rank, rather than each reward being based on the rank of the syndicate member associated with that reward.

In a strange way, every patch set I read just gets me more and more glad I can't play POE due to RL for approximately 2 weeks.

Keep up the great work. When I resume playing, most of the bugs will probably be taken care of.

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