[3.5] Storm Brand Elementalist | Budget Viable | Speed Clear

bro i need passive trees please. asap
Radiantix wrote:
bro i need passive trees please. asap

the links work , just edit them to say 3.5.0 in the URL instead of 3.4.0
About single target
Im also trying to make crit version of storm brand and i choose "choir of the storm"
my gear in process(storm brand total dps only 100k~110k)
about amulet and why its can be good
1) Lightning bolt damage total dps is 42k right now. Lightning bolt also get bonus from our lightning damage increase,spell crit chance,spell multiplier,spell damage etc.
2) over light.resist becoming the critical chance->this is the way how we boost our crit chance.(my shield have 90% spell crit +30% light res.and 13% all res=>43% crit chance from over resistance and total 133% from shield)
3)its giving mana for MoM and heralds

So the my idea is simple.i have 70~79 crit chance. and 360% multiplier for spells and around 400%+ for brands. 1 brand hiting the target every 0.3 sec. Per 1 second from 2 brands we getting 6 hits with 70-80% crit chance > perma proc of lighting bolt.

As main body im using shroud cause 1)its cheap 2)its good because our brand dealing not only lightning damage 3)its gives physical immunity when we recast our brands
As helmet ->lightpoacher with 2 abyssal sockets.50 chaos. 2 abyssal sockets give you apportunity to balance your stats and have synergy with body(%increase hp and mana per abyssal jewels on you). The ability of the helmet isnt problem for clearing physical reflect maps//mobs usualy dying from brand before green balls hiting them and damage which reflect isnt big/lethal on the bosses.

My problem is-survive ability against big packs of long range mobs.T16 alva for example.Im not taking acrobatic->so my dodge and evade chance around 35%.
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Storm Brand is so trash now with these nerfs, I wish I would have just rolled Lightning Trap instead, clears the same anyways.

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