[3.5] Winter Orb elementalist league starter, SSF/beginner-friendly

I decided to switch my char to this build, and went for the high budget build since i had some currency and sold the stuff i had to "reroll" as this build instead.
BUT something seems off, there is no movement skill, putting whirling blades into corona solaris? cant use whirling blades with wand, and the setup was lacking A lot of dexterity.

I switched out the whirling blade with flame dash, and got phase run on the other weapon, seems fine.
No fortify tho
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I was the one that made the MoM version of the build and I just wanted to post an update.

The original build I posted wasn't fully fleshed out and mostly had ideas for what to go for etc.

Here is the updated version. Clearing t16 maps decently on a 5 link still haven't downed uber elder though but I'm sure it will be able to.

Sorry for the confusion about how the build worked initially.

Also I've been using cwc ice spear for more ST damage and it seems to be doing a great job.

PoB: https://pastebin.com/AmcjV1wY

Also you can still use pandemonius with double wands (that is next upgrade im going for) but I'd recommend only using one corona solaris and using a rare wand with high crit multi and spell damage as your other wand (you will also need lots of dex on rare gear)

Another note the intuitive leap gem is very very helpful to save some points and getting dex on the tree from either precision node or coordination node is pretty helpful

Lastly as movement I do think having phase run and flame dash is prob best (since can't use whirling blades with wands) as well as putting an arcane surge with phase run. I was also messing with rallying cry and vaal righteous fire for some more ST dmg. For even more ST get a dying sun flask.

Currently at around 7k ehp with tons of leech as well as around 800k-1mil shaper dps (without optimized level 20 gems and no 6 link) for the 6th link I would recommend controlled destruction. With Ideal gear and extra projectile from icelance lab enchant the ST dmg would go up to about 1.5 mil without flasks and 2 mil with flasks (1 mil realistic because not all ice spears would hit).

I'll post another update on the MoM version when I get all the gears and kill uber elder (prob not until january as going on vacation over christmas).
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BTW DAAAAM snatcher that's some sick gear. I'd say try to get a 6 link loreweave it adds quite a bit of tankiness and damage. Cloak of defiance adds only tankiness and mana so thats really just personal preference but I prefer loreweave. idk how i feel about that unique ring (valako's sign) I think a rare ring for capping res and more life/mana might be better since dmg is already there but ill buy one soon to try it out. It might be really nice.
Makes sense, but after trying it out a bit, just running low maps to level up gems and get a feel for the skill, it's just not my kind of skill, the constant charging up is a bit annoying to me, but can see it can be quite strong for sure, just not my playstyle i'm afraid :)
Im confused. Why does this build run Controlled Destruction while taking crit nodes all over the tree?
Going to start this build in a couple of minutes 😋

Change Orb of Storms to Storm Brand and Increased Area to Chain. You'll thank me later!

Khaylee wrote:
Im confused. Why does this build run Controlled Destruction while taking crit nodes all over the tree?

xVINCEREx wrote:

That's the point actually. By taking a lot of crit, you can bypass the downside of controlled destruction and still benefit from its huge DPS boost while maintaining a good crit %.

Hi everyone, can anyone please take a look on my gear set up and give me some tips what to upgrade? Ty

if I'm using tabula rasa from lv 1, which gems shall I use?
hai.. I'm level 46 witch. I have a problem with this build. When I activate the herald of ice and thunder with artic armor my remaining mana is only 96. So I will have a problem to use other skill like winter orb and orb of storm because I'm always running out of mana. Any advise?

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