3.5.0b Hotfix 6 Patch Notes

This patch broke Jun for me, I can't open portals to the safehouses, there's cleary enough space. It was working just fine yesterday, he was in the same spot, tried moving him around, but still can't open them.
[3.8][HC/SC] Soulrend Trickster - Fast mapper with great defenses - forum/view-thread/2333153
"Fixed a bug where Standard League players (whos character was created in Delve League) that invested hundreds if not thousands of hours into game play, could not finish the Breaking Down The Door quest, so they can benefit from new content after so much time spent in game"

"Fixed a bug where you would somehow lose exp on death and waste all the time played invested to earn that exp"

"Fixed a bug where bosses where at a much higher difficulty level than the entire game"

???? where is the important stuff ????

1 - Unique and shaped maps in Map Tab
2 - All the map conversion which you stated in your patch note was going to happen on Friday didn't happen
3 - Delve is unplayable because you can't do more than 1 delve without having to log out as the delve itself cant navigate
4 - Game mechanics don't work in Incursion (Corruption altar)
6 - Zana mods are not showing on the map device so we cant do shaped map tiers
7 - You can't change socket colors on corrupted items on the crafting bench even though you have the option to do it.

And so many others.
and for this 84mb i needed 20gb space on my HD wtf...
Good fixes, shame those famed 1000 second play time members on the team couldn't catch even the most basic of those in testing before release...
had some of these bugs, especially the stash one.

Could you look into the "sacrificing a unique for another unique altar in alvar tempel"? It wasnt working properly for me. It always failed to perform the action after placing the item.

Keep it going, enjoying the expansion a lot!
Please, fix "uncompleted-unique-maps" in Standard bug. Because some of that maps are very expensive and people bought them in the past. What's point to play permanent league, if we actually can lose our progress?
Maverick31 wrote:
Good fixes, shame those famed 1000 second play time members on the team couldn't catch even the most basic of those in testing before release...

Has been around since at least Prophecy.... yet doesn't understand how videogames work.
When is POE going to gate something behind HOW GOOD YOU PLAY, HOW SMART YOUR CHOICES or HOW STRONG YOUR CHARACTER IS? why must ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING be nested RNG, gated behind how many 16 hour days you can repeat the same EASY BORING low maps?
I think most of the people are forgetting that this is a free-game.
Buying things for real money are only cosmetics.
Investing a lot of hours into the game tells us, that the game is good, very enjoyable, but it is your (the players) responsibility and decision to play. You cant blame anyone. GGG is creating, maintaining, fixing and providing the game for free.
People who swear and blame GGG for these, i think, they are misled by their anger.
The fact that anyone spent a lot of hours playing with this game does not give the right to blame GGG.
GGG is still doing a great job and beside that, unfortunately, they have to deal with unpolite ppl, who thinks they can blame GGG for anything.

Thanks for fix to searching bug it was very annoying.
Necrosjef. Steam.


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