3.5.0b Hotfix 6 Patch Notes

Is the 2-3 socket (old vorici method) bugged?
No constrictor fix? nice
Ok, now how about the Map zoom being locked in full zoom at all times and not having the ability to slide it to the left?!
I see what others are talking about in map tab, not only are there maps missing, when you place a map in the tab all others of that type disappear!
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Please fix that damn standard map tab bug.
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Unique maps & shaped maps in standard have not been restored: when do we get them back?
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Great. Even greater is that Map Stash Tab is still bugged in Standard. And also zana modes as Shaped White/Yellow Maps or Beyond are not able in Map Device.
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Loads of Maps showing up as wrong tier in filters.

Ramparts, Channel etc..........

Someone needs to look at the map tier system.
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Nephalim wrote:
wtf zana sells maps?

Always has since her introduction with the Forsaken Masters XPac (1.2.0)!
Jouchebag wrote:
Is the 2-3 socket (old vorici method) bugged?

2 socket, yes. Probs have to find it again.
PLEASE fix the map tab problem, unable putting maps in the tab is driving me crazy.

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