3.5.0b Hotfix 6 Patch Notes

Please fix "Unbearable Whispers V" and "Unbreathing Queen II". I want my Inya's Epiphany! :P
Shaped Tier 1-10 (costs 6 Chaos Orbs): Requires a Rare map. Opens a version of your map at 5 tiers higher, randomly rolled as a Rare, with a chance to be Corrupted.

Even with zana questline complete and uber elder dead the option still isnt showing up.
jpxf wrote:
Fix the fucking map tab

+10000000000000 It's problem #1
-2 socket, 3 socket, 1 colour craft missing
-corrupted item craft available and showing mats requirement correctly yet not working as it says item is corrupted
-temple unique -> other unique not working
-niko show 0 sulphite when view charts from hideout
-lab escort encounter bugged, completes the encounter after first checkpoint (first turn)

Honestly would like to see all the "basic" crafts like 2-3soc and 1col unlock with kitava kill. As this is essential to gear up for mapping.

Thank you for all the changes so far. Looking forward to craft fixes.
Exciting stuff :)
Great Fix!

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