Balance Changes in Path of Exile: Betrayal

Nice, the stat sticks were just dumb, didn't make sense holding a Sword,Axe with a castor mace
hernanlafu12 wrote:
A shame to cut diversity with the archetypes, this game is about exploring new sources of power not going for a predefined path.

We are gathered here today to pay final respects to our honored dead, every single melee phys builds …


Stat sticks nerf for melee attackers = good.
Stat sticks nerf for physical spells = pending.
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Im so happy, thanks GGG!

Eat dirt you mirror-worth-stat-stick-hoarders mwahahahahah :D
Prismatic Eclipse Rip
Forcing you into certain style builds and killing melee as usual. RIP!
Well I guess dual wielding is now inline with two handers. They both suck. Nice

So what you are saying is that spell casters not only are stronger than ever now that melee classes cant use stat sticks anymore, but also physical spell casters are even MORE broken since they can use TWO stat sticks without penalty, topping every other class in the game because you can use those spells without equipment limiters.

Personally, out of the recent patches that's been released for the league starts since "Stat Sticks" became a thing in the game have just reinforced more reason to use them time and time again, Finally I'm getting a bit excited to get into a league again as now "Stat Sticks" won't be as an essential piece in every elemental based builds as it'd render their ability unusable if it doesn't match. Granted the fix for this is probably just to make a "Stat Stick" with the item base for the particular skill you're using but in general this is a change I welcome whole-heartedly as I feel it'll make the game a little more enjoyable for those who don't tend to take the game 100% dead seriously but still wants to push themselves towards the limits of what's possible with their respective build and/or play-style.
Stat sticks nerf for melee attackers = good.
Stat sticks nerf for physical spells = pending.


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