Balance Changes in Path of Exile: Betrayal

no xp penalty removal -> not interested
since I have no hope for significant game design improvements in this game I am officially done with Path of Exile. will do dailies for masters 8 but then I will uninstall for good
Come on GGG leave people their stat sticks , what's the point of nerfing in a PVE power fantasy grinder .

It's like all the game devs on the planet have made a secret pact to nerf all the fun out of grind games for some reason.

People will grind for stuff , that's a given but at least don't suck the fun out of it .

Don't be like the other lazy devs .

Totems <3
Nerf the shit out to make more diversity. Yay!

Now literally 50% of playerbase sticking with Arc, and the next place BV.
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Hi friends. I don't mean to sound like confrontational but where the hell has anyone answered the op's question. Are we getting twice the totems??? so are we able to cast 1 less totem for the ability to cast 2 at once??? totally lame. or are we getting twice the totems??? as in I cast 2 for every 1 available. so 6 ???? please answer the ops question.

re : ritual of awakening.

I think it means two totems for people who use totem skills that are not spell totem. Flame Totem, Searing Bond, etc. I think we'll find out later though, probably three hours or less now I'm guessing.

The support gem Multiple Totem Support adds 2 to limit. And you plunk down 2 at a time now. Can be used with Spell Totem. Its not like you double your limit past 2. if you have a limit of 2 you would then cast your 4 totems with this gem 2 at a time :)

hope to see it compatible with soul mantle due to this gem taking space in the link with totem gem.

But I bet folks have already discovered this :)
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So when can we expect the reverted nerf to Heiro ascendency?

Veiled mods were the reasoning for the heiro nerf - and now it has come to light that GGG pulled a classic bait-and-switch by removing the +1 totem veiled mod.

Multiple totem support is a straight damage nerf and can't be used, and the kicker is you can't even properly make use of the double totem cast as Heiro because your maximum totems is 3 - so its just an incredibly awkward passive now.

GGG Stated that the veiled mods would remove the usefulness of Tuko. How about Vagan's "Can't be evaded" craft? Completely nullifying Lyco but no one bats an eye at that?

How about ANY number of items/passives that eliminate the usefulness of other uniques that no one remembers because they're all unused?
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CI is still junkware.
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Killing boss in a map before encoutnering syndicate with ease , and then geting 1 shoted by a syndicate ambush while resistances are capped... This league needs lot of rebalancing i was tempted of deleting the game few times already it is indeed very trigering to get 1 shoted by somethin in yellow maps while you have no problems killing the bosses of the said map. I understand if the syndicate members are supposed to be stronger then the map bosses, that is fine but seriously ... geting 1 shoted by them is not fun for anyone.

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