[3.6] Ice 9 Kills \m/ (League Starter! Budget! 9+ attacks/second-Chill/Freeze)

Hi there, I came back from a few weeks pause and wanted to roll a new toon, I decided to give your build a try and found it really funny to play (only tried a mf ts once a few leagues ago, I'm not a bow expert).
Anyway, at this moment I'm lvl 86 with this gear


and this PoB: https://pastebin.com/nTBS2X0M

(The 2 supports alone on the bow are just for easy swap @boss, I'm a bit lazy)
Until today I used a well rolled pair of Southbound Gloves, but since the difference with the Gripped I dropped today was a mere 40hp and 3k less dps, I just switched to give it a try.

How do you suggest I proceed with the gear? The matter is, with the dps I have I can easily clear T14-15 maps without big sweats, but I still feel too squishy, and those Intervention ambushes almost all the times mean bye 10%xp.

Thanks in advance for the support and keep on the good work with your builds!
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How does this character survive endgame?

Only having 1 ring must hurt your survivabilty a lot
Hello.. im looking for alt helmet for late game.. i have all best gear u post(pandemonius, hyrri ire, lioneyes glare - weapon and armor 6link. Is there any better u prefer? Or asenath is best for this build?
Glad you're enjoying it! Like most bow builds, for endgame you're relying on knowing the fights and when to DPS and when to run like hell. It's just impossible for bow builds to get enough defenses to survive the big stuff that Guardians/Shaper/Uber Elder throw at you. It's not hard for us to cap resist, so our focus really is high life rolls on all the rare gear.

Same as above, that's just one of the bittersweet parts of this build. Thief's Torment is literally the perfect ring for us, and nothing sustains better... but it limits us a lot in other ways.

Asenath's is pretyt much best jut because it cast our curse and Arctic Breath reliably for free. The benefits of these two effects are too good to lose for a helm with better stats.

This build is really good as a league starter or for someone who must play something cheap due to time constraints, it's just not that great as a end game super boss deleter like some of the other builds can be. I don't want anyone to be mislead in any of my builds which is why I have the "cons" section, so I hope you guys/gals aren't regretting playing the build and realizing Guardians/Shaper/Uber Elder fights are going to use up a few portals :(

•Not a ton of room to min/max without just making it a typical bow build.
•Cannot do Ele Reflect maps
•Low life pool on budget gear, so like most bow builds, you will have to dodge dangerous attacks and have good management of Vaal Grace uptime for tough encounters or bosses.
•Bow builds are a little harder to level without leveling uniques, so might be rough for new players.

Pro to some, Con to others:
•Some people like active playstyles, some people just want to fly through a map only pressing 1 button. Soo....
•Should clear packs with just 1 button: Elemental Hit.
•Boss figthts will require dropping RAT Totem, Blink Arrow and then kiting around. +Popping Vaal Grace when something really nasty might hit you.
Updated for 3.6! New Quiver could provide a nice buff. I hope it's cheap!
Update PoB please :)
Rippintator wrote:
Update PoB please :)

The only two changes occur around Level 70, earlier if you didn't have someone to carry you through Lab so held off on the four points on Frenzy Charges, and it's due to the change to the layout around 'Fangs of the Viper' and 'Lethal Assault'. You end up having to pickup two extra points to bridge gap left by the changing of the layout around those two skills, grabbing the +10 Dex to the left of 'Mind Drinker', and the +10 Dex below 'Fangs of the Viper'.

But you'd be better off ignoring the +10 Dex to the left of the 'Mind Drinker' cluster, taking out the +10 Int to the left of the 'Soul Thief' / 'Infused' cluster, instead taking the +10 Dex below 'Lethal Assault', and the 'Evasion, Energy Shield, Life and Resistances' above it.

Here's a BEFORE and AFTER:

This will only cost you one extra point, rather than two. It lowers your Int by 10, but increases your Evasion, Energy Shield, Life and Resistances. And the loss of 10 Int is irrelevant.

At level 90, or 91 because you've had to spend an extra point, but actually by 87 at the latest because that's when you'd pick your last +10 Int node prior to completing the 'Written in Blood' cluster, you'll have 114 Int before bonuses from gear.

This loss of 10 Int will cost you some Energy Shield, but you picked up a node that boosts your Energy Shield by a greater amount. You'll lose some Mana, but you've got a Thief's Torment. And it doesn't prevent you from levelling your skill gems to 20 because Bonechill only requires 70 Int, Frost Bomb would require 155, but you're only levelling it to 11 because of CWDT, so you only need 92, and Summon Lightning Golem, Arctic Breath and Frostbite all require 98 Int. Even the RAT with Elemental Focus only require 111 Int at 20.

Here's the PoB anyway: https://pastebin.com/9jZgd3uC

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What's new? what's new? I'm 82 lvl already and I'm really enjoying this build! Please keep it updated!
Hi Guys
i am not really in Ranger Builds, but i wanna try out this Ranger
i wanne add phase Run is that possible ,
and i dont understand really why we need this Totem with the same Main Spell ? isnt barage not better for Bosses ?
Greetings mychiccio
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this build is (Savage) it would be (A Grave Mistake) not to try it

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