Throughout Path of Exile: Betrayal, you can encounter Masters from the new roster randomly in areas you explore. Einhar, Alva and Niko's content and where they are introduced was explained in this previous post.

Once you reach endgame maps, there's a one-third chance of getting a random Master in each map, from the set of Einhar, Alva, Niko and Zana. Jun is in every area in Betrayal league, throughout the main game and endgame.

To replace daily missions, we have added a new system called Atlas Objectives. These are markers on the Atlas of Worlds that show that a specific Master is in that map and available to do a mission with you. These repopulate every day just like daily missions did before.

In addition to encountering masters randomly and having Atlas Objectives appear each day, the Atlas Objectives also have a chance to be generated when you complete a map. Note, if an Atlas Objective is added for a specific Master and you still have an uncompleted one for that Master on your Atlas, then the existing one is moved to the new location.

The map tier that Atlas Objectives spawn at is loosely based on the last map you have run in the league.

This Atlas Objectives system is designed to reward both players who consistently play every day, but also players who just play a lot of Path of Exile. When combined with other ways of encountering Master content (such as Prophecies, Sextants and Scarabs), you'll have lots of opportunities to heavily engage in Bestiary, Incursion, Delve and Zana content if you want to!
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Thanks for this explanation!
Nuance in language is lost on GGG's forum mods.

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Ahh the ol'mention of scarabs again.
I can't wait!
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They said it again. TELL US ABOUT SCARABS!

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