Unified Hideouts FAQ

Innomen wrote:
WithLoveEarL wrote:
Innomen wrote:
Good improvements. Paid tilesets is a bad idea, but whatever. This game literally makes poor people walk around with no pants.

I'd like a floor tile function and other better editor tools.

However, with hideouts shareable I'm sure we'll see third party editors eventually, like with filters.

Sidenote: Anyone ever wonder why is pay to win unacceptable but pay for dignity or pay for immersion is?

Seriously asking.

They double the amount of free hideout tilesets, add a bunch of decorations, and you compare yourself to a poor little man without pants. Smh. How about a bit of appreciation, you know, like 'thanks GGG'?

You write thank you letters to Walmart also? The attitude of your cohort strongly implies it's reasonable to seek such an affective state from customers.

I mean after all, Walmart provides heat and light and the occasional comfy chair and music all free of charge. We should be grateful right?

You do understand this is a business model, not a charity right? Your loyalty was engineered. It's literally a science. There is even a whole branch of code dedicated to automating the diagnostics for it.


I'm not comparing myself by the way. I paid for my pair of pants already.

You realize every inch of this game was made with profit in mind right?

You know the market valuation of the majority owner here is over 500 Billion USD right?

/sigh /smh


You come home from work (or school in your case?), sit down on your lazy ass, click PoE.exe and enjoy the work of full-time employees trying to make this game as fun as possible, completely free of charge, except for a few 'mandatory' purchases that cost $10 or $20, which you probably waste on complete nonsense weekly anyway.

So you're right, it's about the attitude. You could be grateful for books you didn't have to write or inventions you didn't have to think of that you get to learn from and enjoy at the click of a button.

Everything in this world is for profit, but you cannot compare a company like GGG, who created the game because they were passionate about it AND wanted to be rewarded at the same time, with a company like Blizzard, who will not give a shit about the fans, the passion, and just literally go cash-grab route making P2W games on mobile.

It seems to me that you have just discovered the things above and haven't gotten over them yet. Plus you are also wrong with your assumptions - there is no such thing as loyalty in this, at least personally for me. I simply do it for fun, as intended, and years of fun and constant creation of new content while listening to the community's feedback is worth a hundredfold what I have paid GGG.

So hold on, maybe I am the one profiting from this 'business' relationship? I certainly see it more valuable than what it cost me.

Don't be an entitled and spoiled troll - just take it easy and enjoy the game. If you no longer enjoy it, there's always Diablo Immortal for you to try.
What about a micro transaction for private waypoints? Your account would spawn at a specific location, but all visitors would have a separate spawn. I also like the idea for separate skins for stash and waypoints.

To all those hyping about Vorici crafting...it will likely be rolled into the new crafting system, but if not oh well, sit there spamming chromatics. And I wouldn’t be surprised if all old crafting benches became decorations for hideouts.

According to Jonathan (dev), the crafts that were considered 'useful' will stay in the game, so I have no doubt that will include most of Vorici's crafts. Obtaining them though should be tied to hunting down Vorici or completing certain master missions.
I've been waiting so long for an upgrade to hideouts. I'm one of those losers that looks forward to making a new hideout every league :P
nice job GGG tyvm
♪ ♫ . M u s i c I s T h e A n s w e r . ♫
RNG = Common taboo affect video game players who believe in "fortune" instead of Decimal fraction.
Do you like the new League? No ty, I dont like "Survival" games! (STD best league ever)
Nice!<3 <3 <3
Reading through the FAQ answered to so many questions I had in my mind, very nice from GGG to go through these FAQ's for each league whenever there's big changes coming.

Great to see we can move the waypoint now, quite excited actually to find these new hideouts in the game world.

Now if there only was a surprise news to read before Christmas that we can spawn at our hideout when logging in...sheesh, would be mindblowingly awesome!

See in you Betrayal league, Exiles!
This is so awesome! Thank you for answering every question I had in my mind, and a whole bunch of others too.

Being able to move the waypoint is going to be amazingly useful.

I'll probably spend the whole next league just playing with hideouts and ignoring most of the rest of the game.
WithLoveEarL wrote:
Everything in this world is for profit

I'm fascinated by the forces that manufacture minds like yours.

It's actually possible for some to not realize the very existence of multicellular life, and the unmitigated primacy of cooperation and language itself as a survival trait, entirely refutes the pro-slavery world view implied by your reverence for drudgery and trade imbalance.

Yet you persist. It's almost like blindsight, minus the logical consistency.


WithLoveEarL wrote:
Don't be an entitled and spoiled troll/sit down on your lazy ass

I wish Orwell had presented the concept of doublethink differently such that it was more socially obvious in cases like yours.

I mean, you genuinely don't realize that way of thinking is inherently conflicted. (And there are so many like you it makes one wonder how democracy itself can be valid when such a small a handful of opinion makers can be so effective.)

Your entire notion of labor's purpose exists to enable the very thing you in the next breath so bitterly attack as "laziness."

Or should I say Sloth? In another era you'd make the same arguments on behalf of the clergy or the crown would you not?

It's the same as it has been. A PR firm selling a world view to the masses that keeps them working, expressly so that the owners of the firm and its (royal) clients won't have to.

But that's all old news. More recently I am genuinely curious how the narrative is going to evolve when it finds itself in a context where it can no longer (cogently at least) blame unemployment on some imaginary and arbitrarily defined character flaw.

Picture an island with 10 people but only two jobs thanks to innovation.

Would they still try to spin the resulting 80% unemployment rate as due to "laziness?"

I mean if demand for leisure/freedom ("laziness/sloth") is a character flaw (unless you're rich?) then it follows that work itself is an axiomatic virtue doesn't it?

So without needed tasks, would they invent superfluous time consuming painful ones for the other 80% of the island? (Would simply flogging them be acceptable instead for the sin of having free time?)

Would they be asked to invent such tasks or do the flogging themselves "voluntarily" on pain of avoiding worse social punishment for being "too lazy to find a job?"

Not asking you personally, just conceptually. Asking my back brain really. After all, you're not a rational agent in this. Your answer would just be given to you by some PR firm like always. I'm better off waiting for a press release than asking any one member of the party.
GGG makes it so the game feels like a job instead of a hobby so that it can profit from all the social training everyone gets to work harder and self-exploit. - I could use some like minded people in my guild. - I don't see reply notifications.
So if I have not completed Zana missions in any league or on standard, will I basically start the next league behind other players that have? What will not be available? Will people that have completed it all start with the 8% quality boost mod available, or has that gone away?
Sinjian wrote:
So if I have not completed Zana missions in any league or on standard, will I basically start the next league behind other players that have? What will not be available? Will people that have completed it all start with the 8% quality boost mod available, or has that gone away?

We can't really say until the patch notes come out, but my hope is that decorations are the only thing that remains between leagues. That's consistent with all the hideout changes they've announced. While they implied it, I don't know of anywhere where GGG has stated crafting will not continue to reset. And even if some crafting doesn't reset in 3.5, the devs will have to determine if 3.6 should continue the trend.
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