Breachlord FFA Showcase

The Lord of Breaches has been crowned.
Do a 1v1 for all combinations and count the number of wins. FFA win does not count.
My original account Dushan is banned.
I miss my Kiwi and Demigod's Presence.
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Next: Abaxoth vs the other beyond bosses
ash ketchum from oriath
Feel bad for xoph he got focused from the start
I agree with those who say that the FFA would've to be run several times in order to determine who's the overall strongest.
Xoph was a bit unlucky there. Not sure about Chayula, but might have been unlucky, too.

I like these videos, though. Keep them coming.
[quote="Michael_GGG"]However because we're reasonable people we decided against extending RNG into account bans.[/quote]
Bird lover of Wraeclast
My money was on xoph, but I feel he got shafted a bit there. Knew the noobs will go for chayula, no way that one would get a single win in 100 runs.
Есть один путь - наверх!

Before watching i think that either Chayula or Esh is going to take the winner cake,so lets see...

Edit:Well,well,well im finnaly right at something :D
But tbh i had more hopes for Chayula than Esh
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can we get now shaper guardians vs elder guadians?
or shaper vs elder?
Or Sahper and his guardians vs elder and his guardians.

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