Earlier this week we ran a poll to see who the community thought would win in a free-for-all fight between all of the Breachlords! The consensus appeared to be that Chayula, Who Dreamt would win! Let's see if you were right! Check out the battle of the Breachlords below!

If you enjoyed the video and want to see more bosses showdown against each other, check out our playlist of other fights on YouTube.
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Grinding Gear Games
I was right!

Kind of surprised Chayula died first though haha.
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I guessed correctly!
Beating tired bones. Tripping through, remember when.
Once invincible, now the armours wearing thin.
Heavy shield down.
Lmao I guessed Tul but he was close. Don't underestimate the power of elemental status effects
I think you should run these like 20 times and post the results along with one of the videos =D Esh wasn't being targeted for most of the fight so I feel like there was a lot of luck =P
Guessed Tul, so close!

Couldn't help laughing real hard that Chayula died first!
Esh OP!

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