The Dragon Cloak

not good

just like the rest of the oriath mystery box stuff, I cant wait for you to move on from making all this gross gold/brown stuff.

I don't like the Lab, but I put up with it because I need ascendancy points -_-

Betrayal is bad
Delve is good
Synthesis is a buggy, tedious, and unrewarding mess
Dragon set is my favorite. Except i don't use the frisbee hat.

I always use classic cloak along with the set since i think they're a perfect match.

This cloak is like mustard colored which is clashing with the red theme imho. Or perhaps its just my color settings.
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60x7 wrote:

Kryptolog wrote:

Huh, I'm in Washington, (state) no problems for me. Although I do have gigabit speed.

Like it matters if you have 1 Mb/s or 1 Gb/s...

PS nice 'dragon carpet'

Exactly - dude just wanted to hear himself say he's on gigabit because it just sounds awesome.

On topic, if you ever held that type of 1.5 - 2 inch cordage you would know how heavy it is. The cloak looks like it has a good 30lb of decorative rope work on it so I'm sure that exile was probably pretty winded after that demo.
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Really bad.. Focus on wings/skill gem MTX.. stuff like this just looks amateur.
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dragon :(
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