Huge Helmet Sale - Get a Free Oriath Mystery Box When You Spend Points

5 boxes -1x blood wings, 1x blood armour, 1x faith armour, 1x blood guard helm att, 1x blood foot prints. not bad.
Last edited by tubsi on Oct 6, 2018, 11:09:09 AM
an iron fence for HO in a box ? seriously this is completely shitty, like the igloo wall or such...
are you conscious at GGG that this is very lame ? It's like any low deco items from any master, a low cost one...
... nothing
Did the normal buy 1 mystery box get second one. Got a pigeon and faith guard herald.

Herald be good until they add mtx compatability for agony. (Assuming they will)
Thanks for beautiful whirling blades effect. =)
Just a few days ago I bought Fragment Stash Tab and Essence Stash Tab. Notice
Ohh, and yes. Almost forgot to say what I actually did get inside my buy Mystery 1 & get 1 Box offer.
1 x Faith Guard Body Armour & 1 x Blood Guard Weapon Effect.
Very nice.
so does a guild stash tab count as spending points to get free box?
done promo boo =(
Just got home from work
Remembered there's a spending event going on in PoE
Decided to top up to buy my first nice hat
Found out the event was over after the top up
Felt sad

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