Huge Helmet Sale - Get a Free Oriath Mystery Box When You Spend Points

B-but i already spend all my points in the Super Stash Sale, what can i get for 10 points?
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I bought 5 mystery box and got 3 statues, 1 carpet, 1 head attachement. Today I was ok, maybe the luck will turn with the extra box, even be ok with footprint, but no, a statue again. Last time I buy box. Lesson learned.
... Wait. Was the bonus box going on when the celestial items were discounted?

I had some problems getting coins to buy items with so I may not have noticed a free box.
My fossils, resonators DEMANDS optimal stash. Make into current ones or make new microtransaction, i don't care. I have over 50 tabs and this is first league i use them all already, its really too big mess, fix it, please.
in game name: vahu_
It is this offer popping up again. Now, that is cool. Time to log in and play some more Delve too then, after a weeks rest and get buying a few Mystery Boxes.
I have waited for this.
spend 30point free 1 box ?
Just to make sure, I get that free box from spending pts on everything? Like buying another stash slot? Or just stuff on sale/helmets
I've been really lucky, 11 boxes so far and only 1 duplicate. Maybe my terrible in-game RNG is balanced out by my mystery box RNG!
wow i spend 3000 points yesterday on oriath boxes and now this comes rip :(
Thx for hideout shits...
Sad creatures in dark corners..

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