[3.4] "Farrul's Hopeshredder" - Raider [Scourge Arrow/Barrage] [All Content] [6.5k+HP] [4.7M+ DPS]

Netukka wrote:
So playing this for 3.6. Nothing really changed I guess.

But question to people who actually played this, is Barrage + Scourge the optimal choise? Is scourge with MA more than enough clear? Thought I might use Scourge + TS with MA instead for max clear then maaaybe switch to Barrage/Scourge with MA for uber elder and stuff.

Played this build last league and playing it right now. Using Vaal RoA for mapping and SA for bosses and delve. If you're not used to play SA it will feel weird and clunky to play for some time before you get used to it.
Can you post a 3.6 tree?
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I play this in curent league


when someone know hwo to improve tell me :D

This is my version of this build. Using TS for clear(can easly kill bosses on maps with TS if lazy) and Barrage for bosses. It's really low life version(not even 4.6k hp). If you can't afford Unnnatural Instinct go for Scion life wheel.

I know +1 Arrow quiver is showing more dps on barrage but there is some weird interaction with Rigwald Quills and basicly 3,2kk on barrage with Rigwald Quills is more than 4kk on +1 Arrow 45% WED Quiver.

I've also tried with Deadeye ascendancy and it wasn't fun for me(no elemental alligments immunity, being slow when compared with Raider) but there was a little more dps.

Almost forgot. Yes, this build is capable of outdps most of the content(use TS on Uber Atziri couse reflect will kill you if you use Barrage on her).
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I am using this build as well... but i am not ready to corrupt my hopeshredder and farrul's fur lol

Using synthesized gloves and ring for extra frenzy charges and precursor's emblem for the other ring.

Double slot corrupted tombfist with +1 frenzy is expensive and not readily available. Thinking of swapping farrul's bite with starkonja (2 additional proj from TS) and getting cat aspect on belt. Maybe abit overkill.
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Awsome guide!

I am on my way to start getting the more expensive gear. Do you know if I can use divine orb on "Rigwald's QuillsTwo-Point Arrow Quiver" to change the increased projectile damage?
I would like to know If it's still viable in Legion, and what major changes has the build gone through?

Here is my current build:

I was thinking to go Farrul's Fur, but it's really expensive and I usually have maximum frenzy charges anyway.

Thinking about Loreweave with 80 max res and a good boost in DPS as well. Or Hyrri's with 10 % chance to dodge attacks/spells + good boost in DPS and evasion also. Got like 13-15 EX.

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https://pastebin.com/z9xTKW2W it's my version of this build on slayer but you've got raider passives on my profile also.
My version of this build. I think Farrul's gear is too expensive for what you get. I guess it's worth it if you're rich but for med I think rare items give better stats. Still have maximum charges nearly all of the time. Don't have the same shaper dmg as in the guide, but shaper is still easy. I avoid almost everything (without flasks):
Evade attacks: 54 % (21k evasion)
Dodge attacks: 72 %
Dodge spells: 50 %
+ aspect of the cat that gives 15 % to avoid all dmg when hit sometimes.
+156 % movement speed


Edit: Tried Uber Elder now also. Never did Uber elder with another build. I died 2 times actually, but it was still not too hard. This build is awsome and even without the expensive Farrul's gear and with way less damage than in the guide it is a solid build.
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