[3.5] [It's over 9000 ! (dps)] Best Support Victario CI Aurabot 14 +3 auras & 2 curses. GG DPS

Exiles !

I've made an Aurabot guide and a Cursebot guide (working on the mana guardian one too), and thought I could make this the Support guide page for all of you guys who enjoy playing supports !

Aurabot Guides
Before I start this guide I'd like to preface this with a single, simple comment....
Aurabots don't work for free !!!
Do NOT join "my loot your exp" parties, if you do, remove your damage auras and any other auras you don't need for your own survivability.
If it helps, I run either FFA where I loot and put in a dump tab to share 50-50 later (for large groups with leechers), or PA with a two-man group with split of exalts and above.
Furthermore, I unfriend any carries who even put groups with "LF Aurabot, my loot".
*Rant over*

Shav aurabots aint real aurabots

I've played a bunch of characters over the past 3 leagues, but always ended up going back to playing aurabot gameplay, because, let's face it, I'm a lazy b***.

I'm sure most aura players have realized the potential of a Victario's, but kept dying to chaos damage, due to negligence of their corruscating elixirs, and simply gave up to play with a shavronne's.

Over the course of those 3 leagues, I've fully min maxed those characters, and believe I now have the perfect build ready for you people who want to benefit from a Victario, but are too lazy to flask ;)

I've added 3 different builds, the first being the one I currently use, which is to maximise DPS boost, by using a 2-handed weapon for the +% damage from auras to allies - if you invest into this build, there will be no other aura who can top your DPS buff. The second build is a little safer, and uses a one-handed weapon and shield, but does an insane boost as well.
The third build is my standard variant, which wouldn't work for leagues, as it uses a lot of legacy gear, but is really fun to use if you have the cash in standard to play around =)

39k Without Auras

521k with smite & Vaal haste - no flasks

10,082 ES With full aura gear

This build is designed around Delve, and isn't taking into account Incursion double corruptions or Legacy gear from Standard, but I have placed below, some of my standard legacy/double corrupted gear as well. If you have any questions, you know what to do.

I may add, this build is not budget friendly, but there are ways to run this build cheap initially, and fit more expensive items in as you go along.

Leveling is always a pain as an aurabot, if this is your first character, I suggest you join a public party and start off with a frost blades or arc setup, as you won't be a full support until you hit level 68+.

As per MaousAura's suggestion, caustic arrow mirage archer (for clearing) and toxic rain for help boss killing can help early.

Special thanks to:
MADGENESIS - for the Legacy build idea
VATINAS - comments on guide improvements
GRIMMACOUNT - for the dps screenshots
NHTL1017953 - Bow idea

Screenshots of Damage buff on Tornado Shot


courtesy of ONEXEDOUARD589

39k Without Auras

521k with smite & Vaal haste - no flasks

Budget friendly variant/option:


For a cheap start, I would look for a 6 socket Victario's Influence with 15% increased effect of non-curse auras from your skills. I would then recolour for 2 red, 1 green, 1 blue in the first 4 sockets, and get a 4 link on those. You will place Wrath, Anger, Hatred and Empower in these. Ideally you will want Vitality and Haste in the last 2 remaining sockets, which do not need to be in a 6l.

Alpha's Howl and Shaper's touch uncorrupted with good rolls should be cheap to acquire.
For the belt, you can either get a Stygian vise with Energy Shield & Strength, which will grant you an additional abyssal jewel socket for a jewel with 1% reduced mana reserved implicit, or a Bated Breath with good rolls should also be cheap.

For boots, you ideally want Skyforths, but these can be pricey for newer players, so you could settle with Sin Trek's and drop an aura/curse until you can acquire Skyforths.

For an amulet, you should be able to acquire an amulet with 5% reduced mana reserved at a decent price, and forego the flat Energy Shield & % Energy shield rolls until you can acquire a better one.

Rings should be very cheap, look for Energy shield & Strength with good rolls, and if money permits, look for Anger, Wrath, Hatred has increased effect as an implicit, or simply more Energy shield if you feel too squishy.

As a starter weapon, you can either use a Corona Solaris, which grants a blind to nearby enemies (basically a free curse), or a sword with "socketed movement skills have no mana cost" so that you can easily run "no regen" map mods. The third option is to use a sword with "Auras from your skills grant 2% increased damage to you and allies".

For the shield, look for a cheap shield with "Socketed gems have 15% reduced mana reservation", ideally you want the highest Energy shield value possible here, but whatever your budget permits.

Build 1: Consistent DPS boosting build, lower ES - i.e. the lazy mapper

POB & Skill Tree




You could also use this belt, for the highest achievable DPS boost, but I feel it would lower our ES too much.

You could also swap a ring out for aspect of the spider, but this would require you to run an enchant on your helm, I went for discipline which costs 11% before enchant, but you can see which of your auras costs most, and see if you can get that specific enchant - grace is my highest, but none on market

This build gives me 8328 ES, using Bated Breath

Build 2: Slightly lower DPS on average, but higher while smite is up, higher ES - i.e. active mapper

POB & Skill Tree

POB : https://pastebin.com/6RDfRQnc




This build gives me 10,086 ES.

A +2 AOE or +2 AURA gems corruption is preferred, as it won't require you to have a full 6 link to start things off.

Shaper weapon crafted with fossils, will enable you to run a "14th aura" and not have to worry about movement skills mana costs, effectively disregarding "no regen" map mods. For a start build you could consider having either buff "socketed movement skills have no mana cost" or "auras from your skills grant 2% increased damage to you and allies".

An amulet with 5% mana reserved is absolutely necessary, ideally you also want flat ES and %ES on it. Dexterity would also be helpful as the build is DEX starved. If you are rolling in cash, you could also look for a +1 curse, Discipline, Anger, Hatred, Wrath has increased effect implicit.

Alpha Howl is a must, as it reduces global mana reservation. If you do not have corrupted Shaper's Touch gloves with +2, you will want to run your Purities in your helm to hit the max res cap.

An ES shield with "socketed gems have 15% reduced mana reservation" is best in slot, as it will save us having to get more jewel sockets in tree.

Shaper's Touch are best in slot as they give a massive boost to ES. +2 AOE or AURA gems enables us to run our lvl 21 purities in there to give max res cap.

Skyforth's are a must as well to help with mana reservation, as the build doesn't run Blood Magic.
P.S. If you are running delves past Depth 300, your Animate Guardian is basically useless, he will get killed incredibly fast. You could switch out AG + Minion Life for Cast When Damage Taken & Immortal Call + Increased Duration/Molten Shell

You could start with any rare ring with flat ES, for more min maxing, you want to look for rings with STR (which converts to ES with shaper's touch) and INT (Clarity Watcher's Eye) as well as a corruption to Discipline, Anger, Hatred, Wrath has increased effect.

High rare ES belt or Bated Breath with corruption Discipline, Anger, Wrath, Hatred has increased effect can also be used. Note that fossils now enable interesting crafts with "increased energy shield from body armour", but is not a must.


Alternative Flask - i don't like using this flask, as it requires meticulous micromanagement


To effectively run 13 auras & 2 curses you will need 10 jewels with 1% mana reserved implicits. If you are running this build on a budget, you may need to begin with simple jewels with just stats such as Strength, which boost ES thanks to Shaper's Touch gloves. The Watcher's Eye with clarity will greatly enhance your ES, if you invest into INT or MANA, but will still give you a significant buff regardless.

Gem links:

Helm: Vaal Discipline (21-20), Blasphemy Support (20-23), Enfeeble (20-23), Temporal Chains (20-23)
Off-Hand: Vaal Grace (21-20), Purity of Elements (21-20), Determination (21-20)
Main-Hand: Phase Run (20-23), Increased Duration (21-20), Smite (21)
Gloves: Purity of Ice (21-20), Purity of Fire (21-20), Purity of lightning (21-20), Enlighten Support (3 or 4)
Boots: Minion Life Support (21-20), Animate Guardian (21-20), Clarity (10-20), Leap Slam / Self Cast Molten Shell (21-20)
Body Armour: Empower Support (4), Anger (21-20), Vitality (21-20), Hatred (21-20), Wrath (21-20), Vaal Haste (21-20)

I prefer to run Phase run, have never liked the Shield Charge mechanic, but you can switch to Shield Charge + Faster Attacks Support if that's your jam.

Build 3: Standard/Legacy variant/build




Alternative flask:

With Legacy gear we can look for double corruptions thanks to incursion, the most important one being the chest, but if you can get jewels, rings or amulets with double corruptions that would be even better.
I would suggest running Corona Solaris instead of United in dream, as it enables us to run effectively 3 curses, which most parties will prefer to a 14th aura. However, once delve merges with standard, we will be using the "auras from your skills grant 2% damage to you and allies" sword instead.

Running Aegus aurora means we have less Energy shield, and need more jewel sockets from skill tree with 1% mana reserved implicit jewels, but will make us much tankier. With a 75% physical damage block rate (45% spell due to nerf), we effectively refill our ES pool with 2 blocks, thanks to a legacy Rumi's concoction.

Skill Tree:


You could swap 4 ES nodes to go after "Essence Surge", which would grant an additional 15% faster start of ES recharge, but due to my watcher's eye, granting me 40% already, I deemed it unnecessary.


Major God - Soul of Lunaris for delving and mapping
Soul of Solaris for bossing

Minor God - Soul of Abberath so burning ground doesn't prevent our ES start of regen

Animate Guardian items:

Helm : Leer Cast (AOE damage aura)
Weapon : Dying Breath (AOE damage aura)
Boots : Victario's Flight (AOE movement speed aura)
Gloves : Southbound (bonus % HP)
Armour : Zahndethus' Cassock (consecrated ground & Chaos res) / Ambu's Charge / Belly of the Beast

Final notes

If you wanted to min max even more, you would have a +2 AOE or AURA gems corruption on your skyforths and put your purities in there. You would then put your curse setup in the gloves with +2 to level of socketed curse gems, and put your Animate Guardian and Discipline setup in helm.

If you invested into more mana reservation in your skill tree, via additional jewel sockets, you could place Vaal Grace & Determination in the helm, but this would leave you with a much lower ES value, and I don't think it's worth the risk.

Cursebot guide

Mana Guardian guide
Coming soon

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SO MANY WANT THE POB FROM Z3PHIR3 BUT HE NOT ONLINE . so that the quick build from me . :P hope u guys enjoy it


this jewel give u more 2% reduced mana than other unique , rare jewel , need 1 on the aurabot gear if u want to play in high - end ( 17 aura + aspect of spider ) or 16 aura ( drop envy ) and running 3-4 curse etc
pob 10k es ( legacy item etc , not buget ) :https://pastebin.com/aPejnihA
IGN: _YunaAura_BestAura_
Yuna aurabot build : 2300588
Cute ingame ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ *:・゚✧ :
Last edited by nhtl017953 on Mar 23, 2019, 5:19:21 AM
Hey Yuna, good to see you, it's me "BottingForResists" in Standard.
I would actually swap out your curses for 20-23's as they are stronger with quality than level !

Yeah, I'm going to update the guide with a standard/legacy variant.
I use 5x reckless defences and legacy rumi with Aegis Aurora and that gives me 75% phys block and 42% spell block. Damn shame about the nerf of the reckless defences but still a good tanky build I think =)
All I have to say : BEST Aura build in TOWN !!
yah . in the first time i want to stack rec jewel for get 75/ 75 block but when they got nerf just use 1 . another choice is plus es . 7k9 es with watcher eye jewel is not enough coz wew / i need to drop more point / gear to use 3 curse and and boost dps :( . seem hard but fine . but / dont know why i though for 2 hand weapon is boost 4% ( 2 % for 1 hand ) . is a better choice for boost our dps but we need to drop aegis :( that the big problem

- i'll find better dual corrup curse like 21/23 when 3.5 comming . need tone of them for min/max our build .
IGN: _YunaAura_BestAura_
Yuna aurabot build : 2300588
Cute ingame ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ *:・゚✧ :
Yup, I have a 2 handed ready to use for when Delve comes to Standard, will try see if it works :

As you said, there will be no Aegis on that build, but it can be a high ES build, which will be less tanky in sustaining ES.

Curious to see if I can remove some Rec Defense jewels and still keep 75% phys block.... But 42% spell block is still better than like, 15% or whatever =)
yah u need to tested this on SD first / is better for boots but we no longer to play as tanky anymore / always hide
and how can u get shaper mod socketed movement no mana cost ? u just spent like 50-100 foil more minion or aura mod on shaper item ? lel proably i dont need that / my mana lelf is like 20-22 mana but wew have mod better than nothing
mine flask is same but 15 is okey / rare jewel give more es and we just need max es as we can for run xD
IGN: _YunaAura_BestAura_
Yuna aurabot build : 2300588
Cute ingame ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ *:・゚✧ :
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Yeah, you spam fossils on a shaped weapon to get both mods, takes between 50-100 as you said. I find it useful, because thanks to that, "no regen" maps are no issue anymore :)

I'll let you know what I do with a 2 hand build when I try it out. It will lower my ES a LOT, but for fun max DPS min maxing could be funny
Hey Buddy!!great guide,it's a very good build i recomended 100% :D
the best aurabot in Delve ^^
I do not want another aurabot
greetings to all!
i need to lvling 100 first before try with 2 hand / is hurt me alot xD
IGN: _YunaAura_BestAura_
Yuna aurabot build : 2300588
Cute ingame ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ *:・゚✧ :

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