[3.5] CI Cursebot 4 Curses Max Slow & Curse Effect

Exiles !


Cursebot guide
This is a cursebot build, trying to min max as much as possible curse effectiveness, I refuse to cheese the game by using glutony of elements, and here is what I've come up with.

I've fiddled around with a lot of different ideas of a cursebot, the main theme was to be CI, and maximize the number of curses and their effectiveness. Here is, what I think, is the most effective cursebot for delving. This will work beautifully alongside an aurabot, and a mana guardian, but works fine with a duo DPS/curse as well.

This build is designed around Delve, and isn't taking into account Incursion double corruptions or Legacy gear from Standard. If you have any questions, you know what to do.

If you're looking for my GG Aurabot build, here's the link :

Mana Guardian build guide on the way as well, so stay tuned.


Leveling is always a pain as an aurabot/cursebot, if this is your first character, I suggest you join a public party and start off with a frost blades or arc setup, as you won't be a full support until you hit level 68+.
Bow builds are also a good way to go, caustic arrow mirage archer (for clearing) and toxic rain for help boss killing can help early.

Special thanks to:

Delving build:

This specific build is designed to fit in alongside a shock/freeze support, which will be using aspect of the spider, which is why I decided to equip Saqwali's nest to have aspect of the avian - you could use spider instead if you want.

POB & Skill Tree

POB : https://pastebin.com/xZdtRfjh

My delve Gear to fit alongside a freeze/shock support who uses fenumus :

Gear if you want to use fenumus weave :



Gem links:

Body Armour:

I prefer to run Phase run, have never liked the Shield Charge mechanic, but you can switch to Shield Charge + Faster Attacks Support if that's your jam.


Major God - Soul of Lunaris for delving and mapping
Soul of Solaris for bossing

Minor God - Soul of Abberath so burning ground doesn't prevent our ES start of regen

Why do you not use Empower in Dialla's ? --> because gem level doesn't scale as well as quality on the gems I have selected (some do, just not the ones I chose).
Why do you use vulnerability ? --> because I like the maim on hit, which slows enemies by an additional 30%
Why don't you run any auras ? --> because I designed this build to run as a max slow cursebot, but also, to run alongside an aurabot for deep delves, without cheesing using glutony of elements or pp vd zerphis indigon

Fun variants I've tried:

A +1 Dialla's with Enhance lvl 4, blasph 20-23 and temp chains 20-23 is the single highest source of slow possible in-game, however temp chains and enfeeble are capped at 75% effect, which means we'd be wasting a lot of effectiveness - 145%... until GGG does something about this, i'll be benching this armour.

I also tried running a freeze/chill bower in my weapon swap, however, if we do under a certain threashhold of damage, which we do, the chill would be minimal (think 1% chill), so I decided to discontinue this for the time being. If we were running an elementalist, we could get a minimum of 10% chill effect, which could work quite well. However, here are the items I was using to run this :

Ive tried using a bunch of different armours, which is why I love running CI on supports, because you get to pick any armour instead of being gated behind Shavronne's.

I've also been working on an idea to have a dual wielding cursebot, with innsbury edge in main hand and Dyadus in off-hand, to cause maim and chill on hit to stack every source of slow possible, any ideas welcome !

I've also meddled with Invictus Solaris +1 socketed gems corruption with Temp chains 20-23, enlighten 4, blasphemy support 20-23 which gives us a temp chains 23-71 which can be a cheaper alternative. Also note, with a +1 invictus solaris, ANY build, can run temp chains to max effect of 75% slow, which is making me think of a bunch of new builds =))))

Also tried

With this build I ran Temp chains, blasphemy & enhance on shield for a whopping 23-71 temp chains. 4 Other curses in helm (prefer enfeeble, ele weakness, single ele weakness, vulnerability

Aurabot guide

Mana Guardian guide
Coming soon
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is this playable in\3.5?

i think if it is ill be lvling this

Hi Tntkiller,

It all depends on whether we can still get timeworn keys, as both chest pieces are reliant on this, however we could always go Doedre's skin or any chest piece (since we run CI) if we can't get those two !

If I'm not mistaken we will still be able to acquire the keys, as I didn't see anything about it in the patch notes.
13 curses or you're not even a real cursebot.
I don't check my posts. Once I post 'em, they're staying as-is. Best way to contact me is through the PM system.

Can anyone explain the purpose of the six linked gems in the chest and the 4 linked gems in the boots. Thank you.
RaKhan00731 wrote:
Can anyone explain the purpose of the six linked gems in the chest and the 4 linked gems in the boots. Thank you.

stopped playing for 6 months sorry.... lot of work.
The purpose was to sit alongside a watcher's eye with gain ES per hit, so the more hits you did (damage doesn't matter), it gave ES regen :)

without the watcher's, you could simply throw in some gems to level and not need links haha

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