[3.5] Solo Smite Mjölner LL 7-9 Aura Guardian (Shaper, Uber Elder down on a 4 Link)

JermStudDog wrote:

@FelipePsik - I'm not sure how the damage compares to a 6l smite build, but for this build Smite does 2 things - 1) it provides you with the flat lightning damage buff that ends up being a sizeable portion of your total damage output. And 2) It's an arc delivery system. You are just trying to swing your hammer around as fast as possible to proc as many spells as possible. Smite itself does a small portion of your total damage output, while at the same time being the core of the build.

Thanks for the reply buddy.

Good then, I'm escalating both damages so I guess its all fine, just need to put some more aps to make it proc more often.

Now, what about the auras? Is it just to get over maximum resistance using all 3 Purity? I mean, its a more defensive thing right?
Well, I gave it a chance.. Added all 3 Purity to the build and got HoT working, so far I'm at 7 Auras + HoT (I can also run Clarity, but as I do not have the ideal watcher's eye for it I'm not using it).

So far I didn't lose much damage (as I'm not using HoP anymore), I could get a new ring and get a buff to Wrath on Dream Fragments. My Smite is at 5L and gonna work on a 6L soon. Now my goal is just get some more atk speed and Sustain, rest its pretty cool and hella fun.
what do u think about going for the new node Ethereal Feast for leech?
really enjoy playing this build. here's my pob without any configurations... what can i change/add to improve my DPS? I feel like 6k-7k es is manageable.

do u guys think the smite buff will make a significant difference on single target Damage?
No. This build is always gonna suck for ST. It's not built for quick killing and smite isn't a big source of dmg for you.
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