[3.5] Solo Smite Mjölner LL 7-9 Aura Guardian (Shaper, Uber Elder down on a 4 Link)

Shav's is expensive because ES is king this league.
galloper wrote:
I did enjoy this build last league, was really good for all content.. too bad the build's price tag skyrocketed :>

Not sure what happened to Shavronne's price, last league it was like pocket change, but now it's same as Inpulsa :O
Does Solaris Lorica really work fine in its place? Obviously we'll be missing a lot of ES and some spell dmg.. maybe this build could be changed into something with CI so that any other chest would be fine.. hmm?

spells being meta this league people wanting to go LL
I just got my Wrappings and I will aim to get 9 aura. Passive trees are from 3.4, Is there anything important to aquire as we talk about Synthesis ? You are free to check my VaalKonja Mjolner Guardian x)
How come noone seems to be using a vaal haste gem? And whats the feelings on enfeeble vs temp chains?
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I personally am not using vaal haste because I simply haven't found it yet and I've been prioritizing other things like getting my gear off the ground.

For Solaris Lorica vs Shav's, I think this build is the least-reliant on Shav's of all low life energy shield builds I've ever done. Right now, I have 5906 energy shield. While that isn't particularly high, it is high enough that I can clear T10s with little concern of dying. 2/3 of my total ES comes from Radiant Faith + Discipline (2400 and 1500 respectively) that gear that gives flat ES is a notably small concern. Upgrading to a Shavs is my primary concern right now, but at the end of the day, it only gives me about 1200 ES over where I currently am.

Build is still great after the 2nd weekend. Wife and I pooled some money together along with a lucky drop worth about 2 exa to buy my Shav's (I have since paid her back, don't worry).

At this point, all the key items are in place, I am dumping on yellow and low red maps (while I slowly work my way up the atlas) and spending my money corrupting Prism Guardians, hoping for that sweet, sweet +2 socketed aura gems. I doubt Shaper will be much more than a speed bump by the time I get there.

The most surprising thing to me about this build is how easy it was to get off the ground. Really all you need is a Mjolner, Prism Guardian, and the right amount of stats and you are ready to go on mapping, and it only gets better from there. Solaris Lorica worked just fine for the first week of play, the Shav's is a total luxury item, Shaper's Touch is far cheaper and does all the heavy lifting for the build anyway. I also took off the Healthy Mind jewel on the left side of my tree to allow for 8 auras until I get my mana reserve in order. I think that jewel slot might be better utilized with a good abyss jewel or something, Healthy Mind is only giving me about 300 ES when slotted over there.

I have also reconsidered Vaal Haste. While I'm currently wearing it, it is actually bad for this build. Because Mjolner has a .15 sec CD and I currently have an attack delay of .18, every time I activate Vaal Haste, I jump to .14, which is a huge reduction in activating Arc. We want to have ~.17 attack speed for the maximum number of arc procs, Vaal haste is totally unnecessary and actively bad for this build, a much more elegant solution is to get the +2 implicit on the shield with level 21 haste. That should get you to that .17 range and take care of all your attack speed concerns. Onslaught on kill can still be useful for clearing though since it makes Shield Charge so much smoother and you only stop to Smite every few seconds to keep the buff up and/or on Rares anyway. I mentioned above about swapping the Healthy Mind for an Abyss jewel, I'm heavily considering getting an onslaught + mana reserve jewel in that slot as soon as I can find one.
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If your attack speed is too high you have to socket a 2nd spell.
And you might be very right about that jewel slot... never checked it in Pob though.
I don't know how valuable a 2nd spell would be without getting below like .10 or something. Ball Lightning does 1/2 the damage of arc and we don't have any way to slow projectiles or anything. I think it's better to hover around that 1.6-1.7 area, making sure every hit is still a proc for the most part. There are other ways to up our DPS or tankiness and be very useful. edit - scratch that, I just realized Wave of Conviction is a spell. That -25% lightning resistance is pretty useful for dealing a ton of damage to whatever is right in front of us. I think that spell wins me over to the 2-spell team, even if you're close to .15 attack speed, it's probably still worth it thinking of that now.

Build progression note:

Alongside a level 3 Enlighten allowed me to hit 8 auras + HoT today. I'm still lacking the leech from the watcher's eye, but am pretty happy with how I'm performing at the moment. As soon as I get the correct corruption on my shield, I'll see about moving some auras around and getting the correct mana/life reservation to enable the auras WITHOUT Conqueror's Efficiency, and make room for the watcher's eye.
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Hey guys, I've been wanting to run this build since last league as I saw this one and many variations of it.

I decided to run one with a 6L Smite as I saw on poe.ninja last league from a guy and I liked the idea. But then I would be running 5 Auras + 2 Heralds (as u guys can check on my profile, atm I'm with 5L Smite, Shav is expensive af haha).

I wanted to test it with 9 auras but it seems I gotta expend a lil more to do it, so before doing it I wanna hear some good things about running 7-9 Auras instead of 5 and focus on more damage on Smite/Arc. What do I gain with it? What am I losing?

I tried some things on pob etc and I really liked to keep with Smite on 6L, but still, I wanna see if its really better running more auras or not.

Note: I do not really mind if I'm doing wrong etc, please tell me where I can improve and where not, I like feedbacks. Cuz I'm really enjoying this buid so far. Thank you so much :)

Edit: I still didn't find any difficulty for me so far, I'm being able to run all content, Red Elder was cool.. Just doing my way to Shaper and his Guardians now.
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Weekly Update I guess - spent most of the weekend out with the wife and kids, still got some stuff done for my character:

I added the Presence of Chayula tonight, and am now immune to Freeze, Shock, Ignite, bleed, and stun, so that's cool. I had to shift around some passive points, and that cost me about 500 ES, but I feel like the build is completely done at 90 now. With a better rare ring and jewel, I could remove some of the +30 nodes, but hey, this is working just fine.

Next up I guess is level 21 gems. I am starting to feel like my damage is woefully inadequate. I think order of priority goes wrath = smite > haste > arc = wave = Lpen. I also kinda just grab whatever is available at the time, so I'm not too worried about it, but I guess if someone has input, I'm happy to listen.

Anyway, I'm still chugging along hard on this guy. I thought I would have burned out within the first week and moved on to something else, but he's just so damn fun and I feel like I'm not even half way to where I want to be with him.

@FelipePsik - I'm not sure how the damage compares to a 6l smite build, but for this build Smite does 2 things - 1) it provides you with the flat lightning damage buff that ends up being a sizeable portion of your total damage output. And 2) It's an arc delivery system. You are just trying to swing your hammer around as fast as possible to proc as many spells as possible. Smite itself does a small portion of your total damage output, while at the same time being the core of the build.
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