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[3.5] Solo Smite Mjölner LL 7-9 Aura Guardian (Shaper, Uber Elder down on a 4 Link)

3.5 (Betrayal) update:

- Changes to tree resulted in 20% increased energy shield recharge rate
- Sin Trek boots got a nerf -10ES this translates in about 50ES less for us
- Mjölner was buffed! The cooldown went from 250ms to 150ms (6.6 triggers/s).

Now you have 2 possibilities:
1. Ignore th change and leave everything as is.
2. Switch Ball Lightning with Controlled Destruction.
This will up your arc hit damage by aprox. 20k which is a lot and will make our clear speed even higher.
I'm not sure how this will translate to single target damage. I fear on bosses with big hit boxes it will theoretically be a nerf. But hitting harder/attack has it's advantages e.g. when you are evading a lot of attacks like UElder (which is the only encounter where I struggled). Further with an avrg. hit of 60k it will be much easier to shock shaper/elder so this might even be a damage buff.
My char has 7.12 aps at the moment so this needs to be lowered when removing Ball Lightning. So what I suggest is to remove Ancestral Protector which will bring my aps to 5.94 and add a level 9 Arcane Surge to Flame Golem. This will add another 10k to arc!
In PoB my char is now at 5.94aps and 75096 arc dmg/hit which would be 446k shaper dps without shock.

What's also back are double corruptions which makes this char much stronger if you can afford them.

Hi folks,

first time writing a build guide. If you need more info I'm happy to enhance the guide and answer questions.

I tried to make a support Guardian who is tanky and can solo all content.
You need a lot of uniques to get everything out of it but I still made this my league starter and had no problems progressing. Red Elder is easy, killed Shaper and Kurgal (@ Delve 274) on a 4 Link.
Also killed Uber Elder now with this version: https://pastebin.com/5u4cYThm
Was my 1st Uber Elder kill and it was messy... used all portals (edit: manged with 2 deaths. I think a little more dps would help) could be the build but I think it's me...

This build is for people who like...
... to activate a flask only occasionally
... to group from time to time
... a tanky play style
... to clear high level maps fast
... to corrupt uniques


Take as many generic (minion & lightning) damage nodes as possible. The Smite Aura also buffs arc by a huge amount of damage (with a level 20 Smite it's 11k/hit).
Use Arc (Arc, Lightning Pen, Controlled Destruction) until your aps is higher than 4 after that replace Controlled Destruction with Ball Lightning.
Get a watcher's eye with vitality leech to leech of your spells.

Damage (vs. Shaper, no shock, no flasks):
- Average hit with Arc is 60k
- Average hit with Ball Lightning is 10k
- 6.88 aps

- 15k armour + 3 Endurance charges => 74% phys. damage reduction
- Regen and leech

Pro and Cons

- Can solo
- Nice in groups (7 Auras, Frenzy, Power and Endurance Charges, Radiant Faith, Unwavering Faith)
- Tanky
- Fun playstyle just charging around and stuff dies

- Only 75% resists
- Freeze must be countered with a flask
- Can't run elemental reflect maps


Kurgal@274: https://youtu.be/LE20G1wnMm0

T16 Map: https://youtu.be/J-SMNNfo1P4

Red Elder T13: https://youtu.be/riR30J0XBMA

Chimera Arc only (aps < 4): https://youtu.be/0OmuNqv3wJI

With all 3 purity auras and therefore less damage:
T15 Map: https://youtu.be/UMPL6GZBZCc

Skill Tree / POB / Pantheon / Bandits:

There are 3 versions:
1. 7 auras clarity watcher's eye
2. 7 auras lightning dmg/pen watcher's eye
3. 9 auras clarity watcher's eye

Tree (Level 94) with clarity watcher's eye:

POB with clarity watcher's eye:

Tree with lightning dmg/pen watcher's eye:

POB with lightning dmg/pen watcher's eye:

POB 9 auras:
+ 6% max resist
+ 4% physical damage reduction
+ Freeze and chill immunity => Use Soul of Lunaris
- 6k dmg/arc hit

POB 9 auras with Chayula and "Time of Need":
+ Stun immunity
=> This means shock, ignite, chill, freeze, stun immunity. All damage flasks.

- Soul of the Brine King if you don't use Dream Fragments
- Soul of Tukohama / Soul of Shakari / Soul of Yugul for Elder

Bandits: kill all


- Use Arc self-cast and Smite as a buff to Arc and your pets.
- Don't use Herald of Thunder yet but Herald of Purity (benefit from all the minion damage nodes we have and Ascendancies). Link it with Blind.
- Get "Purity of Elements" asap it helps a lot with your resists.
- I also recommend "Vitality" as we don't have a watcher's eye and leech yet.
- Use Zombies in a 4 Link.
- Aim for a 7 aura version first

1. "Radiant Crusade"
2. "Unwavering Crusade" (we want the 3% life regen) switch this to "Unwavering Faith" as soon as you have a watcher's eye with vitality leech and Ghost Reaver
3. "Harmony of Purpose"
4. "Radiant Faith"

53 Skill Points:
- Tree: https://poeplanner.com/AA4AAIEADjUAAD353UVHMtHr7qcI2CRWSLUE5CIpT548jHa3MWaeoOZncUqfibwQUTrGcg9Z8xo4kFV8gxEtLJy86mpDEQ-smDpYVcYI9G0ZTC0UsIIeiELBxX_GkydsCyL0YPimrKqpN0drrHGyYvQnL4PbkiulGE5S_QC3aO-8nEoRjgAAAAAA

Level 62:
- Switch to LL
- Items: Mjölner, Shavronnes' Wrappings
- Tree: https://poeplanner.com/AA4AAL0ADjUAAFv53UVHMtHr7qcI2CRWSLUE5CIpT548jHa3MWaeoOZncUqfibwQUTrGZlRyD5RvWfMaOJBVfIMRLSycEFh2EbzqakPv6zsNEQ-smHRVXyo6WFXGCPRtGRFQpytMLRSwgh6IQsHFf8aTJ76KoS_60vfBFy8ksICkMFuslx2DFVBcinvXbAsi9GD4pqyqqVXWHNyPGiep2143R2uscbJi9Nlb9Ok2iWe9kiulGE5S_QC3aO-8nEoRjgAAAAAA

Snapshots of my char progressing through the acts (WIP):

Act 03: https://pastebin.com/FKAKVnJk
Act 05: https://pastebin.com/nYpYreD0
Act 06: https://pastebin.com/0LnCXp3c
Act 08: https://pastebin.com/UrRVhpBj
Act 09: https://pastebin.com/CxkU7uAv
Act 10: https://pastebin.com/j5JvC1aF
Tier 8: https://pastebin.com/yzS31jYA


7 auras version:

Only add ball lightning if your aps is higher than 4! Before use Controlled Destruction.

4 Link (movement and totem):

4 Link (attack):

4 Link:
We need at least 1 pet so that "Radiant Crusade" gives us 10% more damage.
Instead of flame golem you could also use lightning golem for the attack speed. I like holy relic for the extra regen damage and it doesn't die that often.


You only need Clarity if you have a watcher's eye with "% mana added as energy shield"

You only have 3 open sockets when using the 7 aura version. Choose freely here. If you don't have a curse on your gloves or a ring this is the place to use it with cwdt.

9 auras version:

Only add ball lightning if your aps is higher than 4! Before use Controlled Destruction.

4 Link (movement and totem):

4 Link (attack):

3 Link:

4 Link (auras):

In shield (auras):



For the leech (from smite and arc) you need a watcher's eye with "% Damage leeched as Life while affected by Vitality".
BiS would be one with "% of Maximum Mana as Extra Maximum Energy Shield while affected by Clarity" but those are expansive. Almost as good are "% increased Lightning Damage while affected by Wrath" or "Damage Penetrates % Lightning Resistance while affected by Wrath" the tree looks a little different as you need more ES and less damage.

As we use a lot of uniques it's all about the corruptions.


- Attack Speed is BiS Overall
- Onslaught is BiS for mapping & delving
- Fortify is very nice on boss fights

If you have enough resists you can try to get +2 to Aura/AoE Gems or lev23 Discipline to get a free gem slot.

- Enfeeble for defense
- Elemental Weakness for offense

Optional but recomended:

- % Str/Int
- % increased Aura Effect

- % life regen when hit for defense
- Damage penetrates resistance or Adds lightning damage for offense

- As pointed out by VVhipl4sh Death's Door Boots are a more defensive and good alternative. We loose aprox. 1% hit chance and 1% arc dmg but gain str, resists and phys. dmg reduction. If you are resists or str starved use these boots. You could also use them and get a ring with less resists and more dmg.

- % attack speed if you have enbough strength

There are many options...
- Arc chains an additional time for offence
- +2 to Aura gems

Priority on rings are: resists > Str > Int > Added Lightning Damage to Spells > Increased Lightning Damage/ES/Mana

Watcher's eye with "% Damage leeched as Life while affected by Vitality"

If you get all your jewels with 1% less mana reservation you can change the tree so that you can run all 3 purity auras (https://pastebin.com/2J6i3FZf). But you'll have less damage.


Kiara's is our "get out of jail" flask

Overflowing Chalice is primarily to recharge Kiara's asap but also offers nice regen and a little damage.



Which version, watcher's eye should I aim for?

The best and most expansive version is: https://pastebin.com/5u4cYThm

What do I need for this version?
- You need a watcher's eye with Mana as extra ES
- You need 1% reduced mana reserved on your jewels
- Level 94
If you don't meet those prerequisites use the purity of elements version!

What do I get?
- A little less damage
- Freeze & chill immunity
- Soul of Lunaris
- 80% - 81% resist cap
- additional 4% phys dmg reduction


20181005: Uploaded videos & edited leveling section
20181018: Added videos. Switched to shield charge.
20181019: Added Ball Lightning and changed tree a little
20181021: Rewrote most. People were confused. Sorry about that!
20181022: Added Gems and Leveling section
20181023: Added PoB & Video with all 3 purity auras
20181024: Uber Elder down. Note to self: You mechanically suck at this game!
20181029: Added Q&A
20181112: Added Chayula version for stun immunity
20181205: Added patch 3.5 infos
20181221: Added snapshots of my char progressing through the acts to the leveling section
20181218: Added Death's Door boots to gear section - thx VVhipl4sh
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Any videos ? :)
I will try to upload some... never did this so might take a little. But even in high tier maps you just leap slam or shield charge into packs and they die. You only have to use smite on higher HP targets.
sure thing might be my next build :) Maybe do some delving/guardian videos to show how it performs at endgame content
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Just like to say I'd really appreciate a leveling section.. looks awesome!
Improved the leveling section. If it is not sufficient please tell me what's missing Tamale.
Thanks, I'm having a hard time getting through act 5 with so little health - but I can see why getting the minion nodes will help - will do that and report back - thanks for the extra detail.
Leveling CI or LL chars and trying to refund as little points as possible is always a pain. But actually, you find so many regrets that you shouldn't worry. Just take the nodes around "Discipline and Training", "Melding" and "Quick Recovery" for 49% additional life if you feel too squishy.
Looking to respec an aurabot I leveled and then never used and this build looks like something that I could really enjoy. Its my first league, so please forgive me if most people would find the answer obvious, but how do I choose which POB skill tree to follow? How do I decide which watchers eye to use? Pro/con of each, or is one clearly better, but quite a bit more expensive? Sorry and thanks!

edit: Ok, so after posting I almost immediately found my answer was contained int he post. Leaving post up for futures noobs. Read the notes included with weapon selection.
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I really like this build. It's not full aurabot which is useless solo, and it's useful in party. LIKE IT.
I Actually searching about guardian mjolner. I though using static strike but smite seems to be good.
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