Some More Delve Improvements

I am ok with the wall reward change, I don't really know how rare aul was: I found him and kurgal once each @485. But ok. The other changes.. I just don't really get. I don't see a problem with 40/40 being super hard and you don't need that delve IV for 36. Well anyways.
Good. But really should have been announced together with the nerf patch.
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Bex_GGG wrote:

Aul, the Crystal King

He's pinnacle Delve content, but was probably too rare.

Why is your PINNACLE CONTENT rare? I have two level 94's, characters are all complete in items, Im depth 400, have 6 days played (almost) and havent seen 1 delve boss except the blind guy..
Great, and thx for all improvements to already great game :)

btw, can you please consider (ggg) if better way than high rarity of temp league bosses will be much more fun to play alternative:

Let bosses spam 10* more, but change theirs reward droppool ...
If they drop some OP items ... let them drop in 90% times something not so rewarding, and these OP rewards, only in 10%
We will get same amount of OP/rare boss only drops ... but we will SEE league bosses and have some fun ...
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cool, now just restart the league so we can have proper delving in the first week of a new league
Great changes, especially to the more casual crowd. Thank you GGG!
I think fractured walls should always have a fossil o resonator, or lost wealth at a minimum. I've destroyed many that contain "Lost Armaments" or stuff like that, that literally drops nothing useful.

I like the max capacity, you guys should balance it so the time invested in reachiing 60k is the same time you are spending on using those 60k. People will keep asking for higher caps if you take 40 minutes to reach 18k sulphite and then with 20 minutes you used it all. You can keep scaling this but something has to change so it's even.

Please consider adding some way for us to know when a wall has been fractured, so we don't delve into the same explored places twice.

Overall nice update, but you guys could scale a bit more the sulphite gain per quantity of map.

suxfuuuuu wrote:
It's going to take forever to get 60.000 Sulphite from maps...

60K sulphite?
that's like 50-100 maps

You're not required to complete de whole map to gain sulphite.
You're not required to cap the max sulphite to go delving.

The cap is not a goal, so it shouldn't bother people. I've done t14-15 maps with 3 sulphite veins, and leaving the map with 2.5k-3k sulphite, on a single map.

It's not crazy a 60k cap.
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Can you raise the sulphite cap to 200 million
thats cool
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A.) I don't think the sulphite cap will make a HUGE difference, because the amount from maps is still rather low.

B.) "The "Complete Delve Encounters IV" is too difficult to complete." there is a considerable difference between something being difficult, and something being incredibly poorly designed. Difficulty isn't a bad thing, but having something locked behind VERY LOW ODDS RNG is just really bad design, we shouldn't have to win the lottery in order to experience the content, the content should be the reward of progressing to the point we CAN face the content.

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