Some More Delve Improvements

make sulphite tradeable
suxfuuuuu wrote:
It's going to take forever to get 60.000 Sulphite from maps...

Sulfite flies up really fast if you are in a map grinding mood. Run a dozen tier 16 maps and you almost cap out at present.

I'll probably keep doing ten to twelve maps then delving but I'll be glad if the option to do fifty maps in a row.
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The "Complete Delve Encounters IV" is too difficult to complete. This now has four additional components that can contribute towards its completion. These new components are still somewhat rare, but should be much more attainable. You still require only six total to complete the challenge, meaning you should only need two of the very rare ones now.


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"Players want more control / want to store more sulphite for delves"

Yeah, we've been saying that for weeks. Why did you nerf the 30,000 we had before?

"Cap is now 60,000..."

Jesus... Okay, I was just wondering if we were going back to 30,000....

"...behind 3 new super expensive upgrades"

Oh come on.... wtf is wrong with you?

"We're giving you more flare capacity..."

Okay that sounds good was pretty low to begin with.

".....Behind 8 new extremely expensive upgrades."

Son of a b.... you people.....


In the past you just increased things without any additional work on our part you're freaking out about player retention again and thinking that adding a giant chase is going to help that?

Azurite is already a pain in the ass to gather, and upgrades are already expensive as is. You're acting like only the people at Delve 1k and above are pleading for a better sulphite situation ..and that they're complaining they have nothing to spend azurite on.

What happened to the GGG crew 2 weeks ago? The ones that weren't punishing us and nerfing delve every patch? It's just been downhill and absurd since the "rebalance" of sulphite costs patch.
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Awesome! Thank you for the hard work and listening to the community. You guys rock.
Yay 40/40 inc!
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see, these are excellent changes for all players but why couldn't it be like this to begin with? instead you guys keep putting your player base on an emotional roller coaster with changes (sometimes for the worse) instead of just testing the game and doing it as right as possible the first time around?
But what about the people that are not pushing end-game content and just want to use grinding delves as an alternate to grinding maps? Currently have to run 2-3 white tier maps to cover 1 equivalent level delve. Before the first patch, rates on lower level delves were perfect. All of these updates seem to be catering to only a small percentage of the player base (not that they do not deserve to also have their experience improved).
more sulphite from red maps please, its really boring to do maps when all i wanna do is delve
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