Some More Delve Improvements

I guess its something, but the league is over for a lot of people already and there is no hype left. Would have been nice if the league started this way or if you had left things alone. Any jump people had the mine was cemented in once you guys started changing stuff, making the competitive side dead very, very early.
Buy the ticket, take the ride.
I am still waiting for a buff to Azurite gain and Sulphite gain.

It feels like a chore and not fun, specially when the rewards at the end of crawling were nerfed.
Nice moves!
Very nice! keep up the great work guys ;)
I feel that sulphite acquisition is fine for delving in depths below 300. The only change I would welcome is the make ranges, top and bottom, of acquired sulphite more narrow. I can get nearly 600 sulphite with top roll in tier 8 map but I can get 450 bottom roll in tier 11 map. Such overall is too big in my view and these ranges should either not overlap or only slightly. Picking sulphite in +3 tiers higher map should always result in larger gain than lower map no matter how RNG roll works for you.
Improvements are always nice, but what about fixing stuff like the still presisting issue of the cart path disappearing(more often than not) after completing a delve encounter?

some small quality of life ideas have been floating around the forums/reddit that are worth looking into imo.

-making nodes filterable like the passive tree ones, maybe even add a search feature simillar to the latter.

-adding more functionality to the crawler itself for minor stuff like flares and bombs

-being able to see how much sulphite you have without opening the chart, if interacting with it is outsourced viewing it should be too.

just a few cents here and there.

more info provided via the few links I've managed to find:
I'm nice to see that GGG listen their players ! More exploration, more rewards and accessible challenges !
I like what I see here, but I'd rather see cart costs drop - than our cap raise. I want to delve, not spend time in 20 or more maps before I can.
It would be nice if you could cut down on the useless loot the piles are so big i ran out of flares just trying to pick up the currency that dropped

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