[Ideas for DELVE] expanding and QoL

Ideas for Delve expanding + QoL, contain 3 independent parts.
1) QoL
2) Ring/amulet enchants for delve - easier life for newcomers
3) Endgame Delve progress expand

1) Azurite storage
Since delve is infinite - we can have endless storage for items, for collecting purpose, it can be either only uniques or rares as well
On level 10 you get first 10 slots for free, then pay azurite to expand your storage, next each slot cost more azurite.
Ofc GGG want players to keep buying stash tabs for items - that’s why putting items will be for free but extracting will cost some amount of currency: 1a/1c/1 regret orb may be (or 10c if you think new players will abuse it instead of stash)

This will give us few things:
- collections of uniques
- more farming of azurite, horizontal progress wont seem too bad.
- in case you need some niche item in SSF for new char/build - you can always restore it
- small impact on economy, since most uniques will be vendored anyway.


2) Azurite encrustation
Sort of new enchantments for amulet and rings - that will only have benefits for delve progress
Few examples:
- crawler cost 5-10% sulphite less
- darkness stacks 10-15% slower
- your flares last 2 sec longer
- minions have 1% chance to drop flare on death

Source can vary:
- in-delve encounters
- fossils
- Niko shop for azurite

It have almost no impact on balance outside of delves

3) Azurite grinder
A place where you can sacrifice uniques to get a new crafting materials (all BoP). Have 4 tiers

tier 1: sacrificing any unique
result: azurite essence (1-5 pieces depends on rarity of item or just luck)
a stack of 50 essence can be trade to Niko for azurite chest that can contain:
2-3 common fossils + 1-2 slot chaos resonators

at level 300 delves items start to gain ilvls

tier 2: sacrifice uniques past 88 ilvl (delve 300+)
result: azurite extract (1-5) 5- of those traded for azurite stash
2-3 common/rare fossils + 2-3 chaos resonators + small chance (5-10%) to get azurite buckle

azurite buckle : enchant your belt making it BOP, fairly rare drop from minions (50 times rare than chaos orb) past 300 lvl delves
- 20-30% more flask effect while in delves
- 40-60% more life/mana amount recovered - half recovered instantly while in delves
- 15-20% less damage taken during any flask effect while in delves

tier 3: sacrifice uniques, that drops past 600 delve
result: azurite ash (1-5) trade for azurite treasure, can contain
2-3 rare fossils + 3-4 slot chaos resonators + 2-3% chance to drop azurite life

azurite life: enchant your body armor making it BOP, fairly rare drop from minions (150 times rare than chaos orb) past 600 lvl delves
- passive 2-3 sec immunity on a death blow, players do no damage while it active, CD 300-900sec.
- 20-30% of damage taken transfer to minions/totems
- your damaging spells and attacks grants you absorb shield, up to 100% of your HP+Mana+ES, 10% per sec, last 4 sec. loosing it when get hit.

tier 4, obtainable only through drop starting lvl 900-1000 (chance to drop equal to exalted orb): azurite supremacy
enchant your weapon, making it BOP, work in delves
- gain rampage with tripple effect, last 3 times longer, cant fade off while in darkness.
- monsters in darkness no longer immune to damage, you do and take 20-30% less damage while in darkness.
- your melee hits ignore curse debuff limits, each melee hit grants you 5% less damage taken buff, stack 5 times

Part 3 introduce some progress into gearing, and I believe will make Delve more desirable place to spend time. Improving your gear through enchants will have no impact on maps, this will let players compete further on

Of course you can add up new tier of affixes on gear 88+ ilvl, but it will make huge impact on maps/shaper/uber elder doing it more trivial than its now. If so, see 2 solutions:
1) Making it BOP – ppl wont be able to gain currency through trading delve drops.
2) Work in delves only – you will need 2 set of items for mapping and delves, pure headache for players.

That’s why Delve enchants could help!


Feedback is welcome! Especially from GGG :)
Last bumped on Sep 17, 2018, 10:24:45 AM
IDK how many times it needs to be said before its clear. Absolutely no itemization based on league mechanics should ever occur.

About the extent we got to it was the shrine helm and that wasn't successful in that league. You don't want people to be forced into going certain items in order to experience the leagues mechanics.

Not sure how 1 is QOL, storage is something you pay for or use mules for...

The rest just sounds like needless power creep, which this patch already added plenty.


I will not rest until fortify+pure movement skill no longer works. It has plagued this game for too long. (salt, salt everywhere)
Thanks for reply!
All my thoughts are about delve going to core mechanic of the game, as its most challenging edge in current state.

So all special thing that you find in delves - work only in delves, as it will be hard to balanced on mapping.

You aren't forced into anything, those enchants are there to help progress delves past 300 where maps content already feels trivial. Nothing you find in delves cant be found outside of it. It wont have impact on economy since it can be BoP.

So its win-win, if you want something more from a game than just kill uber elder.

Mules are nice, but getting all in 1 place is much better, place it free (or for azurite) but to get it back - pay some currency:)

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