Some More Delve Improvements

Thank you so much for listening to the community GGG! That's exactly what we wanted, good job.
I guess any improvement is an improvement, but it still doesn't change the fact that there's a sulphite cap at all, or even sulphite for that matter.

If you removed the sulphite cap people could just decide to map for a week and then delve for a few days and have a blast doing that. This ping ponging back and forth between maps and delving isn't fun, unlike the seemless integration between incursions and maps.

Or how about... removing sulphite completely? If you're worried about people not running maps then perhaps you should do something to make the atlas or mapping more fun?

The most exciting prospect for me this league was to be able to try to delve as deep as possible and be limited by my build and survivability rather than some arbitrary grinding which is clicking on rocks in maps. You couldn't have come up with a less interesting and less exciting way to limit people's delve time even if you tried.
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Raligard wrote:
Nice changes. Now we just require MORE sulphite from maps, and sharing of Sulphite between characters on the same account should also be strongly considered.

I strongly agree that maps should give more sulphite.

Before the changes I had 2,500 capacity, with T16s giving around 250 per rock.

After the changes I have 10,000 capacity, with T16s giving around 1,000 per rock.

As far as I'm concerned, the changes did absolutely nothing. Definitely shouldn't be running 2 maps to then be able to Delve once. If anything, you should be able to Delve more as you upgrade your shit in the mines.
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Revert the Zana Elder mod nerf. It was a mistake
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Sulphite to lab maybe??
thx god
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Lab still sucks balls.

I miss Zana already.

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